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Four years from now, when the Democratic Nominee is running for President, he or she (hopefully she) will have titans of politics and charisma backing him/her up. Former President Clinton, charming, intelligent and popular will give his stump speech on arithmetic. Former President Obama, with a warm smile will talk personally to the crowd. Joe Biden will be there. Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, passionate and forceful, will be there (if they are not running). Even those who lost elections- such as John Kerry or Al Gore still hold a lot of clout and charisma. Even though they lost, we still see them as respectable men.

On the other hand look at the last National Republican Convention. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld were never mentioned. They were never even invited. They were humiliated by their own party. And now based on the week of pounding that Romney has recieved he will join their ranks.

One and a half weeks after the election, more schadenfreudebelow the fold!


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Via TPM, Sunday has been a rough day from Romney.

Senior Republicans, former Romney surrogates and prominent conservatives piled on their defeated presidential nominee for telling donors that he lost because President Obama bought off minorities and young voters with “gifts.”

“It’s nuts,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on ABC’s “This Week.” “I mean, first of all, it’s insulting. … The job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. If we can’t offer a better future that is believable to more people, we’re not going to win.”

Now it makes sense that Gingrich goes after Romney, after all he has a personal vendetta against him after that grueling primary. Now that Romney lost, he doesn't need to hold back his tongue.  
Rumored 2016 presidential hopefuls in the party saw an opportunity to distance themselves from Romney.

“I absolutely reject what he said,” said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on “Fox News Sunday.” “We as a Republican Party have to campaign for every single vote. If we want people us we have to like them first. And you don’t start to like people by saying their votes were bought.”

Ok ok, that makes sense. Jindal is probably running for President in 2016, as is Chris Christie. It makes sense that they make a political calculation to be more moderate than Romney and more personable. But all it is, is a political calculation right?
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), an on-again, off-again advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, said Romney’s comments were especially damaging among Hispanics. He said Romney fueled the fire of their disenchantment with the GOP that grew when the ex-governor pushed a policy of “self-deportation” for illegal immigrants and their children.

“We’re in a big hole, we’re not getting out of it by comments like that. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. He keeps digging,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “We’re in a death spiral with Hispanic voters because of our rhetoric on immigration, and our candidate Romney and the primaries dug the hole deeper.”

OK fine, Graham clearly wants to push for the Immigration Reform bill and he wants to distance himself from those comments. It's purely political.
Carlos Gutierrez, a top Hispanic surrogate and adviser to the Romney campaign, said he was “shocked” by the comments. “I don’t know if he understood that he was saying something that was insulting,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
Damn, dude... you lost your own top Hispanic surrogate? That is just pathetic.
Romney was never beloved by the GOP establishment. But the Sunday show pile-on indicates that any good will he had among the party faithful is rapidly vanishing, and that he’s well on his way to pariah status with the party that so recently anointed him to lead them and the country.
Isn't that funny? When we have losing candidates, we still treat them with respect. We acknowledge their weaknesses, but we respect them. But Republicans, they are so worried about their own brand, they are so selfish about their own political futures, that if they see anyone lose, they tear them apart.

In the campaign season for the Republican candidate, who will campaign with them? No one with the charisma, or experience that the surrogates on our side will have. No one with the experience to say "we did this!" They will all be empty, vague promises about how they are different from before but the same.

Oh yeah, one more:

“It’s been well said that you have a political problem when the voters don’t like you, but you’ve got a real problem when the voters think you don’t like them,” said conservative columnist George Will on ABC’s “This Week.” “Quit despising the American people.”

At this point Im just like:

(that last joke was from a tweet which was posted by someone who Im blanking on)

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