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Speaking at the Federalist Society in an event titled "Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court" Recently elected Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R - Club or Growth) gave me pause, to gag, when he waxed poetic about the breadth and depth of the "grass roots movement" that swept him to the Senate, apparently to bloviate for his "fellow travelers" at FedSoc.

Ted Cruz: Mitt Romney is a 'french-kissing' Republican
Senator-elect Ted Cruz is the latest Republican to go after former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, issuing a strong critique of ...
Not that I don't take everything he says as Gospel, but just for grins I deceided to check up on just how grassy rootsy his campaign was, and hey, whaddaya know? According to OpenSecrets.org, dated July 31, 2012
Seemingly every major Republican in the country has a stake in today's Texas Senate runoff primary.

In the latest battle in the ongoing war between tea party enthusiasts and the GOP establishment, attorney Ted Cruz and Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have been racking up endorsements from prominent Republicans all over the country. Cruz, the tea party favorite, is backed by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, former presidential hopeful Rick Santorum and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a revered figure in the tea party movement. Dewhurst, the establishment pick, has earned the support of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and a slew of local politicians around the state.

And further;
A bevy of conservative outside groups has poured over $14.4 million into the race, including $3.2 million in just the past week alone, according to Center for Responsive Politics research. To put that in perspective, total independent spending in Texas is 3 times greater than in the congressional race that has experienced the second-highest level of outside group activity, Indiana's Senate election.

Over three-fourths of all the outside spending in the Texas election has come from two groups: Club for Growth and the Texas Conservatives Fund. Club for Growth Action, the conservative group's super PAC arm, plugged over $5.5 million into the contest, mostly attacking Dewhurst for not being conservative enough and his ties to career politicians, while its political action committee spent another $51,000 in independent expenditures.

More beyond the squiggle.

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From Politifacts Texas we read;

David Dewhurst says most of Ted Cruz's "money comes from Washington, from outside the state of Texas. Fresh from leading the May 2012 Republican primary for his party’s U.S. Senate nomination, David Dewhurst declared that voters in his July runoff with Ted Cruz will be choosing between Texas and Washington.

According to a June 5, 2012, email blast from the Dewhurst campaign, the lieutenant governor told Sean Rima of San Antonio’s KTSA (550 AM): "This is a choice, ladies and gentleman, between Texas and Washington. Most of Ted Cruz’s money comes from Washington, from outside the state of Texas, and they’ve run millions and millions of untrue ads against me.

Ted's argument, repeated ad nauseum is "Our ideas work and theirs do not" (nice working ideas in the last election buddy)  and "We never responded to the President's attacks" (coulda fooled me) and now he says "I don't know a single Republican on the face of the earth that wants to take away anybody's contraceptives" (Seriously? Must just be that one BIG Republican up in the sky), then goes on to attack Obama for forcing atheist socialism down the throats of good Catholics and all god-fearing folks, blah blah etc. My oh my but it IS raining shiny dog whistles all up in hya!

Yikes!, but Yay! Two more years of bullheaded willful ignance and outright denial of the facts, such as "Ronald Regan slashed taxes", except for the nine times he raised them I guess. The venom and the vitriol is clothed in a velvet glove and broad shouldered false bravado and even creepier than the naked fist, err, I mean naked mole rat that is Dick Morris. This guy is poisonous, demon spawn of Ayn Rand and Carl Rove. I suppose many others knew, and now, unfortunately, I do. No doubt this has been written about here and elsewhere, but I try not to look too closely sometimes, at the gory bits anyhow.

He concludes with "First you win the argument then you win the election, and my friends that's just what we're going to do" or some such drivel. It's good to know that the Republicans lost the election because they were insufficiently vocally conservative. I thought there might have been other, more obvious reasons, but noooooo, seems I was wrong. Do tell. More Ted, more of your working ideas, please, lead us out of the shadow of the valley of communist servitude and away from free cell phones.

None are so blind as they who will not see, and none so obnoxious as those who WILL NOT stop spewing (spewking, hmmm?) the same old vicious discredited doctrine despite all the objective evidence contrary to its efficacy, other than as a sticky glue to hang together the historically unhinged and rationally challenged surrey fringe of 'forward into the past' adherents into a wobbling, decrepit and withering minority. Clean up on aisle three please.

The video is not embeddable but if you've got a biohazard suit handy, follow this link;

Oh, and what about his expenditures in the finals? In order, from the top; Wall Stree Journal;

Candidate    'Support' Spending
Connie Mack (R-FL)    $5,096,633
Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-CA)    $3,074,073
Richard E Mourdock (R-IN)    $2,614,971
Timothy Michael Kaine (D-VA)    $2,154,982
Jeff Flake (R-AZ)    $2,138,439
Josh Mandel (R-OH)    $1,972,798
Ted Cruz (R-TX)    $1,862,423
Ted at number seven in the Super-duper grassy-rootsy Pac-o-Rama, and CFG alone spent five times more on the primary than all the Repug SP's did on the final. WTF? I'd like to hear from some Texans on the story behind that story, smells like teen spirit to me. The word 'hypocritical' is embarrassed to be associated with this guy and his ilk.

And now C-Span is taking calls from (disgruntled) Republicans only "Socialism, blah, blah, makers and pocket picking takers, our first mistake was giving women the vote, the party does not need to change, stick to the principles, teach them the way St. Ronnie did, right message wrong candidate, Balkanism and tribalism, free stuff, entitled attitudes" and oh sweet baby Jeebus, bitter gall, dark bitter gall, do not adjust your set, WE control the vertical, WE control the horzontal.........

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to Old Lefty on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 05:54 AM PST.

Also republished by TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans and CenTex Kossacks.


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