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To a relative newbie, the customs and flow of this site and its comments, what garners attention and why, what is a hot-button item, and what is proper decorum, are all fascinating works in progress.

I take a break from the intensity and seriousness of politics by making jokes out of everything.  I thought a light-hearted diary on something I observed in the community would be apropos.

One of the first things I noticed months ago when I started posting on kos was the orange thing in the middle of the “intro” box and the “extended” box of the diary.

My natural wiseass took to the orange thingy immediately, and, in the middle of the 2012 elections, I consistently called it

The VoMitt Stain.

For some mysterious reason I started writing down what fellow kossacks called the orange divider. I decided to give writing credit for the names that are a bit more lively and original.  I apologize if I left out any of the important ones, or any credits where they are due:

Of course there is the most popular nomenclature preferred here, utilized also by Kos hisself, a simple, straightforward and professional designation:

The Fold

I noticed that TexDem and others use a similar common designation:

The Flip

While democracy8888 prefers The Jump

One of our posters whose name escapes me now, tells us simply to keep reading “Below” , while ninothemindboggler has labeled it quite capably, THAT .  Others are a bit more succinct, and see it as The Doohickey.
I see it called Tangled Copper Wire, The Squiggly, The Squiggle, and The Orange Squiggle.

Halfrican has nailed it as The Endlessly Mocked Victorian Squiggle Thing
(impressively, with no reference to its color).
Hungry Coyote likens it to a Fleur-de-Orange

Laughing Planet likes to call it a Divider Doodle, while bobcatgrad stares at it and sees only The Orange Thing. Blueoregon nails it as The Orange Cloud, while another, unnamed kossack calls it a very technical geometric term whose name escapes me, and also notes that it is slightly tilted downward to the right!
Not to be outdone, 43north, a presumed Democrat - and thus one of them believers in science - calls it The Orange Containment Boom.

ForestLake sees it as a Cheese Curd  (And who can resist deep-fried cheese curd, deep-fried butter, and various and sundry sauced breaded oily items on sticks at the State Fair?  USA! USA! USA!!!)

Speaking of food, I will end with a couple of my favorite names for the orange thing; one of which refers to it as an Orange Croissant (Not being a Republican site, we can go with a French term.  It’s all good.)

However, I think I chuckle the most and shake my head when I see that orange divider thing referred to as a Sfogliatelle (a delicious, cheese-filled pastry); or even better, simply a sweet slang Sfigadel.

Not to be pretentious, but what do YOU call it???  Please leave it in the comments.

Please join me below the VOMITT STAIN for a note of sincere thanks!


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I want to officially thank everyone here who helped me to help President Obama win re-election.  I know we all did our part, many in ways that dwarfed my own effort.  Thank you to those here who bought Aldus Shrugged.  Because of you, I was able to send several hundred dollars in earned royalties directly to the Obama Campaign, and to Democrats in several contentious downballot races (they all won).  I truly believe that an altruistic-tasting Capitalism can work, and spreading the word about an Antidote to Ayn Rand and the entire GOP can’t hurt either!

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