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Black Friday Event Hosts from all across the USA
on one call hosted by Making Change at Walmart! Also Our Walmart Campaign, Jobs with Justice and Corporate Action Network. Walmart will not be able to stop the Black Friday Strike nor the supporting events with their silly charges. "It's just a scare tactic," we were told. Just be respectful to both customers and associates. Walmart is open to the public and so we have a right to be there, inside or outside. Once Walmart has asked you to leave then folks should make their own decisions.

Josh from Dallas spoke. He is a member of the Our Walmart Campaign. He said that they are striking for respect and better treatment. He and his fellow associates tried meeting at the home office but "they didn't listen." Walmart has Unions everywhere in the world but not here. Now they are trying to turn Black Friday into Black Thursday. Walmart associates need time to give thanks with their families like everyone else. 'Walmart is taking away our family time. We are here to stop them."


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Dan spoke about Walmart's illegal retaliation.

Walmart has 1.4 million employees, largest employer in the US. That's why Walmart has such a tremendous impact on working conditions in America The CEO is now threatening the Black Friday strikers. It's time for Walmart to follow labor law. It is illegal to threaten, fire, or harass employees who speak out. We need to support these incredibly brave workers.
Mekenzi from Jobs with Justice spoke.
Black Friday has turned into a whole Thursday thing. that's why some actions are at 8 PM on Thanksgiving. Let the public know that we are not calling for a boycott. The associates facing retaliation are at the core of our message. We should be positive with the public and supportive of the associates.
She told us that there are a lot of different types of actions from simple to more creative: simple leafleting all the way to more complicated actions like street theater. See the campaign materials for more ideas: http://corporateactionnetwork.org/...

Gather before and perhaps practice. And gather after to evaluate. There are tips for actions inside and outside the store. Please don't block any customer or get int way of associates. You do have a right to be there unless you are interfering with the customers or the workers.

Brian from Corporate Action Network spoke. CAN was started to empower people to confront corporations who think they are too big to be held accountable. This is CAN's first big Action. Their goal is to empower organizers and "that's all of you!"

We should take watever photos and videos we can. We want to build community and create visuals of who we are.

CAN provides help and assitance here:http://corporateactionnetwork.org/...

Walmart is poo-pooing the Black Friday Strike. Let's go out there and show them that we stand beside the Walmart Workers as they STAND UP to LIVE BETTER!


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Originally posted to In Support of Labor and Unions on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 06:10 PM PST.

Also republished by Invisible People.

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