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The election may be over, but that doesn't mean it's too late for America's aging white minority to elect Mitt Romney president; or, at the very least, to stop President Obama from being re-elected.

Besides the numerous Constitutional challenges Obama must face on his way to four more years, there is also the issue of "Scandal-gate"—the suspicious lack of any real scandals during his first term.

Some people say it's worse than Waterloo.

Maverick John McCain (who is well known for his good judgment) and his BFF Lindsey Graham (adiós Lieberman) are convinced that the president is orchestrating a massive cover-up—possibly through the use of mind control.

I really don't know what to believe; I'm not a scientist, man.


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Morning lineup:

Meet the Press: Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI); Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY); Rep. Peter King (R-NY); Roundtable: Documentarian/Historian Ken Burns, Vice Chair of the NRSC Carly Fiorina, Al Sharpton (MSNBC), David Brooks (New York Times) and Andrea Mitchell (NBC News).

Face the Nation: Presidential Authors: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jon Meacham, Evan Thomas and Bob Woodward; Fiction Writers: Gillian Flynn, Chris Pavone, David Baldacci and Alex Stone.

This Week: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC); Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL); Actor/Director Ben Affleck; Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA); Roundtable: GOP Strategist Matthew Dowd, Joe Klein (TIME), Ruth Marcus (Washington Post), Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal) and David Sanger (New York Times).

Fox News Sunday: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); President and CEO of the National Retail Federation Matthew Shay; Executive Vice President of Fidelity Investments John Sweeney; Roundtable: Bill Kristol (Weekly Standard), Kirsten Powers (Daily Beast/Newsweek), Sociopath Liz Cheney and Juan Williams (Fox News).

State of the Union: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT); Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA); Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX); Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ); Reliable Sources: American University Prof. Jane Hall; Bob Cusack (The Hill); Amy Argetsinger (Washington Post); Author Thomas Ricks; Eric Deggans (Tampa Bay Times); Jessica Coen (Jezebel.com).

The Chris Matthews Show: Author Jon Meacham; Author Michael Beschloss; Author Annette Gordon-Reed; Jodi Kantor (New York Times).

Fareed Zakaia GPS: Author Robert Caro; Author Jon Meacham; Author Robert Kaplan.

Up with Chris Hayes: Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN); Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation); Hussein Ibish (Hala Salaam Maksoud Foundation for Arab-American Leadership); Rula Jebreal (MSNBC); Harvard University Prof. Tarek Masoud; Author Reza Aslan; Eli Lake (Newsweek/Daily Beast); Heather Hurlburt (National Security Network).

Evening lineup:
60 Minutes will feature: an interview with Craig Kielburger, the founder of "Free The Children," which empowers children to help other children (preview); a behind-the-curtain look at the New York City Ballet (preview); and, an interview with filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who have been living in the bush and filming African lions for 30 years (preview).

On Comedy Central...

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were in reruns this week, so there are no new videos to share. Instead, here's Jon Stewart's prescient pre-election take on the lack of accountability for pundits.

The Daily Show

Monday: TBA

Tuesday: Investor Warren Buffett & Financial Journalist Carol Loomis

Wednesday: Musician Neil Young

Thursday: TBA

And Stephen Colbert's look ahead to the 2072 presidential election.

The Colbert Report

Monday: Author/Journalist Jake Tapper

Tuesday: Country Singer Dolly Parton

Wednesday: Director/Puppeteer Frank Oz

Thursday: Author/Physicist Sean Carroll


With Thanksgiving now behind us, televangelist Pat Robertson began gearing up for the War on Christmas.

"It's, well, Christmas all over again. The Grinch is trying to steal our holiday. It's been so beautiful, the nation comes together, we sing Christmas carols, we give gifts to each other, we have lighted trees, and it's just a beautiful thing. Atheists don't like our happiness, they don't want you to be happy, they want you to be miserable. They're miserable, so they want you to be miserable. So they want to steal your holiday away from you."


Donald Trump got served.

A Las Vegas Strip restaurant bearing the initials of celebrity financier Donald Trump was briefly shut down after health inspectors found violations including month-old caviar and expired yogurt. [...]

Inspectors reported finding outdated, expired, unlabeled, mishandled and improperly stored food, according to a summary posted on the health district's website. The closure was first reported by KTNV-TV as part of a "Dirty Dining" segment focused on area restaurants. [...]

A hotel marketing manager told KTNV that adjustments were made immediately, and delivering an exceptional experience to guests is a top priority.

And, speaking of rich fucks...

Two-time loser Linda McMahon proved that money can't buy you class.

Two days after the election campaign workers came to News 8 claiming, they had not been paid by Linda McMahon's campaign. We spoke out on their behalf and one week after the election the campaign was writing checks. The only problem is that the checks bounced. [...]

Twaine Don Gomes was one of the people who first complained to News 8. He was handed a check, but he says, the campaign told him they were mad that he came to News 8, so he got a little something extra in his envelope.

"Basically he handed me a check with a condom in it, told me I was screwed," Gomes said. "That's the rudest gesture you can ever do to a person, it's like spitting in a person's face."

His check bounced as well.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

- Trix

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