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  The most important lesson of the victory this past  month is that the planning and positioning for '14 starts now, by focusing on the '13 races in New jersey and Virginia. Terry McAuliffe is owed a hard shot and Corey Booker may be the way to go. OFA won Ohio, Fl. Virginia because, 'We never left.'


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The Rs and Cons have shown the country that not only are they less competent than The D's and Pros but that they have seriously broken with reality. Indeed they have proven to be a global embarrassment. Look at the nonsense with Susan Rice.
While Mr. Obama's win? Is a cause of pride, joy and a reaffirmation of all that is good, if not holy, in America.  
     The current cries for 'secession', the R attacks on loser Romney, the breakdown of Rove, the anti-science of Rubio and on and on.. must be pounded every day and in every way.
    President Obama and Debbie Wassermann Shultz owe party activist and the people a hard core fifty state strategy. Let us run hard everywhere. Why not?
Today, it is the only way to build 'a more perfect union'
     The data driven, old school'  door to door, block and tackle war for every vote picked up where Howard Dean and Obama 08' left off. As the President emotionally told his campaign staff, '

You guys as 'community organizers' with your current experience 'are better than I every was.'


     Now is the time for the best and brightest of this group to 'move in' and establish residency in R and con state legislative and Congressional Districts. And, bring  battle hardened teams in with them to start Organizing for America. To duplicate and apply what is now widely known about nailing issues, moving existing and new voters. Even if its under the radar to start. Lets say, The redder the district the bluer the potential. Also celebrities and 'rich liberals' now know; Lets follow up and adopt in these districts, using 'new funding' sources 'flipping the script on' the infamous Citz U decision. Hard fundraising in LA and New York, for candidates in Kansas and Oklahoma. People want to believe in things, be needed, stroked and involved, particularly celebs. Who also, by the way, can make great candidates particularly in R areas districts and states.


  Also in tandem and across the board from labor to occupy a second front of attack must be opened on Government Contracts! at every level. This is the 'holy grail.' Today R's and cons quietly dominate in procurement. It is the source of the power and the cause or rational of their seeming irrationality. Every existing contract must be systematically challenged. Here the R's and cons are decades ahead of the D's liberals progressives minorities.      
  One big advantage is that John Boehner is presiding over a 'Gerry-mander Majority'.- The Rs lost the popular vote in the House.  Where is the legitimacy? Who is he to speak of some kind of mandate. The R's and cons will be doing  the 'echo chamber' move. Even, talking about 'revolution' and 'secession'. - 'castle doctrine' and 'stand your ground? Sadly, beyond obstruction, assaults - Like down in Florida, follow irresponsible rhetoric and law making.    
  Ds and Pros must echo louder with reason. By the way why is Mr. Rush still living in America? He swore..
'I will leave' if Obama Care passes.'

The Prez and VP are already hitting the road to build public pressure.    
    The themes must be pounded with gusto and in new and creative ways. Since Rs have already started talking obstruction? Let the campaigns begin now. Disperse burrow move into, R districts recruiting candidates now for congress and state legislatures and school boards. using the new campaign tech used by OFA.
The 50 state strategy is a must. Even in R districts, there is usually at least a 30 percent base of lonely 'maybe intimidated' Ds, who need help.    
Again, celebrity candidates, say from showbiz, should work in many low information districts. Rock star vs. block head.  
     And then Ed was encouraging Cong Dennis J. Kucinich to move to Boehner's district. Run Dennis Run. What about Anthony Weiner shopping a hard R district, for a glorious come back?
     Also, the NRA and similar groups need to be quietly flooded with progressive new members, Occupy NRA. So when votes are cast and silly strategies are being formed? Well...
Let the games begin in earnest. This is the price of Rice.  


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