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I visited John Aravosis’s fine blog (Americablog) earlier today (linked from one of his tweets) to read a letter he wrote to Amnesty International regarding a statement by Noel Kututwa, according to the letter, Amnesty International’s director for South Africa. Director Kututwa made a statement (quoted in Aravosis’s blog posting) condemning Ugandan ‘policy’ regarding gays, in which he apparently referred to sexual orientation as ‘a question of the right of an individual to choose how they want to live their lives.'

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Aravosis took exception to the statement as being dangerous, since it referred to something no one ‘chooses’ as a choice. I do agree, without reservation. I do not believe that Director Kututwa intended to be so ‘off’ with his comments. I view them as ignorant more than malicious, not to excuse or dismiss them. I believe Amnesty International cares a great deal about the specific anti-gay human rights injustices happening in Uganda. But describing sexual orientation as a ‘choice’ isn’t helpful.

What Aravosis did not address is why it is so dangerous and damaging. What do the world-wide forces arrayed against gays try to do with this ‘choice’ argument? In order to ‘blame’ gays for being gay, it’s necessary to ‘believe’ that a choice is involved, a circumstance of culpability. You can’t play the politics of blame unless you have some proficiency in the management of relative culpability. Similarly, the idea that gays ‘choose’ their sexual orientation means that heteros can be credited, in relative terms, for their 'choice.' Bullshit, indeed! But it’s out there, and it’s a fight every minute of every day.

On some level, they MUST know (mustn’t they?!) that they themselves did not CHOOSE to be hetero? I know I never made a choice. It is what it is. I know just as clearly that I deserve no ‘credit’ for a choice I never made. I think they HAVE to believe it.

Many years ago I read of that concept in one of Carlos Castaneda’s books on Don Juan (It was in Tales of Power, appearing first page of first chapter of Part Two, the chapter entitled: Having to Believe, p.105 of my copy). I think it is why they have such a tenuous relationship with science, as well, and with so many political concepts. They HAVE to believe Obama is the boogeyman. That tax breaks for the wealthy create jobs. That polls are wrong. That there is a liberal bias in the media. I feel sorry for them about this, but it sure would be easier if the practice didn’t cause so much harm, to so many. And, yes, for me, culpability does attach to that. Very egregious culpability indeed.

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From Dave in Northridge:
Burned distills the meaning of Wendy Wink's wonderful diary about simplifying Christmas and smacks Fox News in the face in the process.

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In my diary about the Ruth Institute's concern about gays taking over college dorms, Vita Brevis made me LOL with this comment, in which the Ruth Institute's worst fears are confirmed. Snowmen and ornaments and snowflakes, ERMAHGERD!
From Diana in NoVa:
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From semiot:
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