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This is largely a repost  of last week's diary, inviting you all to our New York City Meetup. If you've already RSVP'd, no need to do it again (though I always enjoy seeing you here). If you haven't, or if your "maybe" has morphed into a "definite", let me know in the comments, or via kosmail!

Hi again, all you Metro Area Kossacks - it's about time that had ourselves a party, don't you think? We have plenty to celebrate, and we're going to do it in style! Please join me under the orange throw pillow for the where and when, and even some of the why:


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First of all, we had a great election!!!

We got the president re-elected, we got a more robust and progressive Senate majority, we got a whole raft of great women elected, and we got rid of some of the most repulsive creatures ever to inhabit the House! Hurricane Sandy may have put NY-13 temporarily out of reach, but I think we're going to get another shot at it before 2014.

And she also knocked our beautiful city to its knees. But we're already getting back on our feet, and getting better every day. Here's just one of the many, many things that New York Kossacks have been doing to help their fellow citizens recover from the dislocations and devastations the storm laid on us. I know some of you went through hell for a couple of weeks, and some are still be working on getting back to normal, so I hope that having a party with kindred spirits will help move your spirits in the right direction, too.

Thanks to the amazing workers of the NYCMTA (my personal heroes), who got us Brooklynites reconnected to the rest of the city by public transportation after only two days! Thanks to the innumerable organizations and volunteers who came to the flood areas and shelters as soon as it was physically possible, offering food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, legal advice, construction expertise, willing hands, and sometimes just an open ear, and understanding heart, and a shoulder to cry on. Thanks to FEMA, and the president who restored them to competency! And almost a month later, they are still at it.

But enough of me burbling on. We have much to celebrate, and a lot to be thankful for, too. You know why we're doing this, what you want to know is where and when:

   Date: Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012
    Time: 12 noon - ???pm
    Place: Spitzer's Corner
             101 Rivington Street (corner of Ludlow)
    Meet us in the back room. This venue is wheelchair accessible.

    Directions by subway: J,M,Z,F to Essex St./Delancey Street Station.

        If you're coming in from outside the city:

        From Grand Central: take the downtown 6 train (6 stops) to Bleecker Street Station, walk downstairs to Broadway-Lafayette station, change for the downtown F train (2 stops) to Delancey Street Station.

        From Penn Station: walk one block east to 34th St/Herald Square subway station, take F train (10 stops) to Delancey Street Station.

        From Port Authority Bus Terminal: take the downtown A,C, or E train to West 4th Street Station (4 stops), walk downstairs and take the downtown F train (3 stops) to Delancey Street.

        Any of these trips takes about 20-25 minutes.

       If you are driving, there's a very inexpensive municipal lot a block or two away, on Delancey Street. And on-street parking is free on Sundays.

            Please rec for maximum viewership, and RSVP in the comments.
                                               ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am totally up for this event: see y'all soon!

Note: I wanted to make sure that the weekday crowd got this invitation, but I'm nowhere near a computer during weekdays - especially during this, my professional busy season. So you won't see any quick replies to your comments, but feel free to post your RSVPs, comments and ideas. I will reply to every one of them later today.

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