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I don't celebrate Christmas much. It doesn't fit with my religion or lack thereof. But, I've managed to partake most years anyway.

I have a big, nice, artificial tree that I have decided is too much trouble and too big for my new house. I didn't put it up last year either, so the "too big for the new house" is an extra, new excuse that I like.

What is surprising me is that I want to decorate my front porch. I am super in the mood. I had a revelation tonight, while wondering why I am feeling so festive in this way. It occurred to me just moments ago, that by decorating outside, I can share it with someone or someones even if I don't know who they are.

My plans are under the squashed, orange mistletoe if you want to see. A kiss under the mistletoe is sometimes observed, but not required.


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christmas lights
I don't want to put lights up everywhere, partly because it is too difficult these days for me to do a nice job, mostly because I don't want to add to the electricity use for environmental reasons. Instead of being proud of a brightly lighted house, I would feel ashamed of the excess. I have tons of lights from previous years.

The front porch has two vertical wood beams on each side on the steps, and I've made twin Christmassy decorations for them.

firbranchEach is a fir branch to which I've added shiny silver and red bells, pine cones, and a small fake apple. I used thin green wire from a craft store to attach everything, and to make a loop to hang it with. Simple, but I think, nice. :) I look at them and think, "Yeah, I like them. :)"

I made them tonight, sitting here by the computer and tv. I think that's a very bad sign. I recall previous years when I had my crafts table and there wasn't even a computer or tv in the room, and of course I went all day offline and off news. Now I seem to need them nearby and here I am cutting wire at my desk.

Some green fir garland will be wrapped around the wooden porch railing, and another strand of lighted garland will be added to it. I guess I will succumb to a few lights. :) It's difficult. The extension cord has 3 outlets, so I'm already thinking, "what else can I plug in?!"

There is a small basket for a table on the porch, too. Just threw in artificial ivy, artificial silvery leaves, a big red pine cone, red berries, indoor decorations from past Christmases. It's all just sitting in there, not anchored in any way. I'll see how it does in the wind and weather and may have to fix it.

Another idea I have that I hope to see how it looks tomorrow is to just put  Christmas tree decorations, regular ball ornaments and stuff, in terra cotta pots on the steps of the porch. I'll secure them together through their loop hangers rather than putting them in loose or ruining them with glue. I'm looking around the house tonight for something I can put in the bottom of the pots so the balls are just nearer the top rather than balls all the way down. :) Seems like it might be a fun decoration for the steps. Maybe add a green twig or two.

And, of course I have a Christmas wreath from years past that I'm going to hang on the porch wall instead of the door. I found hooks that go into siding and the hook is ready for tomorrow. My new house has a screen door and I don't see an easy way to hang a wreath on it at the moment. This will give me something to think about and create later since all my decorating will be done tomorrow. :)

Doesn't it all sound simple and pretty? If it all turns out worth a flip, I hope to take a picture or two and post them around Christmas.

Is it too early? Is anyone else decorating?

Mon Nov 26, 2012 at  4:52 AM PT: Thank you so much Community Spotlight rangers! :) A first for me. What a nice surprise to wake up to. Very sweet of you. Merry Christmas!

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Originally posted to OLinda ☕ on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 06:54 PM PST.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.


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