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Excerpts from the December Harper's Index:

• Average salary subjects in a September study offered a fictional woman applying for a U.S. university laboratory position: $26,508

• Average salary they offered a fictional man with identical credentials: $30,328

• Minimum square footage of San Francisco apartments allowed under new regulations: 220

• Number of San Quentin prisoners who could reside in one such apartment, based on their average cell size: 10

• Percentage change in the likelihood a child will eat an apple from the school cafeteria if the apple has an Elmo sticker on it: +68

• Percentage increase since 2008 in the portion of Americans who call themselves "lower-class": 28

• In the portion earning more than $100,000 annually who do: 20

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2008Obama family visits food bank, school on Thanksgiving Eve:

The Obama family made a surprise visit to a Chicago church food bank earlier today to help distribute meals, according to a pool report filed today by Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News. After 40 minutes or so, the soon-to-be first family visited with students at the parochial school attached to the church, where they answered questions and got in a little teasing at the expense of the Secret Service.

One of the most powerful simple statements from the pool report came from Obama: Asked why he'd brought his daughters along, he replied: "I want them to learn the importance of how fortunate they are and to make sure they're giving back."

Tweet of the Day:

Incapable of learning: Club for Growth, Senate Conservs Fund already attacking Capito for #WVSen. http://t.co/...
@desmoinesdem via Tweet Button

On today's Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin joined us for the Monday Abbreviated Abbreviated Pundit Roundup. On the upcoming filibuster fight, Politico somehow ignored until the very last sentence that leading proponents and opponents actually agreed on the "talking filibuster." Also, Adam Davidson's New York Times piece asserting that the genius captains of American industry are puzzled why highly-skilled laborers aren't lining up to take the fast food-level wages. Bonuses, please!

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