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But apparently, you can be a teacher and make stupid statements like that one...

"....This story comes out of Kentucky where a  South Laurel High School teacher, Ms. Kendra Baker wrote on the top of her school board all nice and pur-ty, “You can’t be a democrat & go to heaven.”

Now, Superintendent Doug Bennett  told the Sentinel- Echo that the statement was made by a student & then the teacher wrote it on the board and that it was innocent.

“It should not be in the classroom at all,” says Mary Gilbert, a parent of a South Laurel Student who claims that she was bullied after trying to combat the statement in class. Gilbert fears that even the teacher may have been bullying her daughter as well as the other students. “What happened, should not have happened…. You don’t send them to school to have someone else’s opinion shoved down their throat and demand they agree with it. It’s appalling. it’s wrong.” Gilbert went on to say that her daughter is now requesting that she no longer attend the school and wants to attend Home School.

Upon investigation, district officials found the the teacher in violation of a district policy that charges teachers with the responsibility to maintain positive learning environments that are fostered by mutual respect and trust. Bennett says that Baker, who has been a high school teacher for 17 years, was reprimanded for her actions, but will continue teaching in her classroom......"

This is by far one of the more annoying aspects of our political environment, and I don't just mean in regards to here in Kentucky. This notion that somehow, the discriminatory, bigoted and misogynistic GOP has the patent on morality in any form, especially religious. What, you can tell the uninsured "should have been more responsible, so just die already" and the hungry "tough luck, we can't afford that, we got CEOs to keep up", and still think you can have some touch of morality to those views?

Wonder what gems of knowledge this high school teacher will unload for the next election cycle.

More on this:

Via HuffPo.

Via The Inquisitr.


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