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Rose Schneiderman
Metropolitan Opera House
New York City
April 2, 1911

I would be a traitor to those poor burned bodies, if I were to come here to talk good fellowship. We have tried you good people of the public—and we have found you wanting.

The old Inquisition had its rack and its thumbscrews and its instruments of torture with iron teeth. We know what these things are today: the iron teeth are our necessities, the thumbscrews are the high-powered and swift machinery close to which we must work, and the rack is here in the firetrap structures that will destroy us the minute they catch fire.

This is not the first time girls have been burned alive in this city. Every week I must learn of the untimely death of one of my sister workers. Every year thousands of us are maimed. The life of men and women is so cheap and property is so sacred! There are so many of us for one job, it matters little if 140-odd are burned to death.

We have tried you, citizens! We are trying you now and you have a couple of dollars for the sorrowing mothers and brothers and sisters by way of a charity gift. But every time the workers come out in the only way they know to protest against conditions which are unbearable, the strong hand of the law is allowed to press down heavily upon us.

Public officials have only words of warning for us—warning that we must be intensely orderly and must be intensely peaceable, and they have the workhouse just back of all their warnings. The strong hand of the law beats us back when we rise—back into the conditions that make life unbearable.

I can’t talk fellowship to you who are gathered here. Too much blood has been spilled. I know from experience it is up to the working people to save themselves. And the only way is through a strong working-class movement.


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The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
March 25, 1911

Lizzie Adler-24                              Unidentified:                                        
Anna Altman-16                              No. 46
Anna Ardito-25                               No. 50
Rosie Bassino-31                             No. 61
Vincenza Bellota-16                         No. 95
Vincenza Benenti-22                        No.103
Essie Bernstein-19                           No. 115
Jacob Bernstein-22                          No. 127
Morris Bernstein-19
Gussie Bierman-22
Abraham Binevitz-20                        At this link is a seven minute concert and
Rosie Brenman                                 recital of:
Sarah Brenman                                The Ballad of the Triangle Fire
Ida Brodsky-16                                Bread and Roses
Sarah Brodsky-21                             Dos lid funem trayengl-fayer
Ida Brooks-18                                  And the speech by Rose Schneiderman
Laura Brunette-17                            http://savethemusic.com/...                        
Frances Caputto-17
Josephine Carlisi-31                           On this day let us remember those who lost
Albina Caruso-20                               their lives trying to earn a living, both at
Josie Castello-21                               Triangle in 1911 and in Bangladesh in 2012.
Rose Cirrito-18
Anna Cohen-25                                  When the names from the Bangladesh factory
Antonia Colletti-30                              fire are released, I will post them also.
Dora Dochman-19
Kalman Downic-24                              May we honor them all by continuing our fight
Celia Eisenberg-17                              for economic and social justice.
Rebecca Feibisch-17                          
Yetta Fichtenhultz-18                         Sources:
Daisy Lopez Fitze-24                           The Triangle Fire by Leon Stein
Tina Frank-17                                     NY, 1985
Rosie Freedman-18
Molly Gerstein-17                                Triangle by David Von Drehle
Celia Gettlin-17                                   NY, 2003
Esther Goldstein-20
Lena Goldstein-23
Mary Goldstein-18
Yetta Goldstein-20
Irene Grameatassio-24
Bertha Greb-25
Dinh Greenberg-18
Rachel Grossman-17
Rosie Grosso-16
Esther Harris-21
Mary Herman-40
Esther Hochfield-22
Fannie Hollander-18
Pauline Horowitz-19
Ida Jakofsky-18
Tessie Kaplan-18
Becky Kappelman-18
Ida Kenowitz-18
Becky Kessler-19
Jacob Kline-28
Bertha Kuhler-20
Tillie Kupfersmith-16
Sarah Kupla-16
Benny Kuritz-19
Annie L'Abbato-16
Fannie Lansner-21
Mary Laventhal-22
Jennie Lederman-20
Nettie Lefkowitz-23
Max Lehrer-22
Sam Lehrer-19
Kate Leone-14, the youngest
Rosie Lermarck-19
Jennie Levin-19
Pauline Levine-19
Catherine Maltese-Mother of Lucy & Sarah
Lucy Maltese-20
Sara Maltese-14
Maria Manar-27
Bertha Manders-22
Rose Manofsky-22
Michela Marciano-20
Yetta Meyers-19
Bettina Miale-18
Frances Miale-21
Gaetana Midolo-16
Becky Nebrerer-19
Annie Nicholas-18
Nicolina Nicolosci-21
Annie Novobritsky-20
Sadie Nussbaum-18
Julia Oberstein-19
Rose Oringer-20
Becky Ostrowsky-20
Carrie Ozzo-22
Annie Pack-18
Providenza Panno-43
Antonietta Pasqualicca-16
Ida Pearl-20
Jennie Pildescu-18
Vincenza Pinello-22
Jennie Poliny-20
Millie Prato-21
Becky Reivers-19
Emma Rootstein
Israel Rosen-17
Julia Rosen-35, Mother of Israel
Louis Rosen
Yetta Rosenbaum-22
Jennie Rosenberg-21
Gussie Rosenfeld-22
Nettie Rosenthal-21
Teddy Rothner-22
Sarah Sabasowitz-17
Sophie Salemi-20
Serephina Saracino-25, sister of Tessie
Tessie Saracino-20
Gussie Schiffman-18
Rose Schmidt-32
Ethel Schneider-30
Violet Schochep-21
Margaret Schwartz-24
Jacob Selzer-33
Annie Semmilio-30
Rosie Shapiro-17
Ben Sklaver-25
Rosie Sorkin-18
Gussie Spunt-19
Annie Starr-30
Jennie Stellino-16
Jennie Stern-18
Jennie Stiglitz-22
Samuel Tabick-18
Clotilde Terdanova-22
Isabella Tortorella-17
Mary Ullo-26
Meyer Utal-23
Freda Velakowsky-20
Bessie Vivianio-15
Rose Weiner-23
Sally Weintraub-17
Dora Welfowitz-21
Joseph Wilson-21
Tessie Wisner-21
Sonia Wisotsky-17
Bertha Wondross-18

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