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Along with the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010 {13page pdf}, anyone know how many of the obstructionist voted 'nay' on this, I'm to lazy to look, the Executive Order 13520 of November 20, 2009 'Reducing Improper Payments' {5page pdf} has saved the tax payers Billions, just shy of the goal the President set when implemented.

Bet there's a number of Private Contractors, especially of the no bid bush war era, that aren't to happy.

While the obstructionist of congress continue seeking out distraction after distraction wasting time, money and getting nothing done for the Country that pays them, the rest of the Government is Actually working.


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Government eliminates $47b in bad payments

November 27, 2012 - In a blog post from Nov. 21, Comptroller Danny Werfel said that this fell just short of President Obama's goal to save $50 billion by the end of fiscal 2012. Werfel did note, however, that if it included the Defense Department's commercial payments, the total savings would reach $70 billion and the government-wide error rate would be just 3.7 percent.

Werfel gives much of the credit to the administration's "do not pay" policy, the Campaign to Cut Waste and the 2010 Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act. Werfel said the measures have cut "payments that are made in the wrong amount to the wrong entity or for the wrong purpose." read more>>>

Imagine how much waste was going on during the total tepublican controlled Washington with it continuing as the obstruction, and constantly ever changing distractions, moved in with the Democratic take over of Congress under the bush and continues right up to this lame duck Congress, House still under that control.

Imagine if they were actually doing their jobs, now especially, over these many years of adding to the waste!

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