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Would anyone want to start a dailykos pool ?

I would love to do a pool with my pals here !

Only registered kossacks can enter.

remember 1 ticket is the same as 2,5,10 ect.

You must prove you bought that ticket.
I tried taking a picture with my phone & I didn't think it was very clear.

Honesty is the key.

new diary up


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I'm just not good at t his stuff !

another reason I can't do a post on this is I'm flying to Pensacola, Florida @ 8:00am tomorrow.
I won't be able to manage the post.

the rules last time caused some hurt feelings also.

1 ticket is the same as buying 5, or 10.

the winner gets half of the prize.
the other half is split evenly amoung the people that can prove they bought the ticket with the numbers they posted in comments.

I bought at least 15 tickets last time for the dailykos pool.
I had way to many of my own, BUT I'm doing it again.


OK Major Update
I found the post from the last time.
I will C&P the rules.


Buy your tickets before the cutoff for tonight's pick.  Decide how many you want to put in the DK pool.  Tell us the numbers for the tickets you're putting in the pool in a comment below before 10:30 EDT, half an hour before the draw.  We should have a pretty good idea of how we'll do the split pretty quickly, based upon the poll, but we'll cut off the poll after 3 hours at 8pm EDT.  If, at that point, you don't like the split and want to pull your tickets out of the pool, you've got 2.5 hours until the cutoff to withdraw some or all of your tickets from the pool via a comment.  Many of us are buying multiple tix to throw in no matter what the split, but some folks are reluctant to throw in more tickets without it giving them a greater shot at more money.

In the event that we hit more than 100k or the jackpot on any ticket, keep your losing tickets.  We'll need everyone to mail them in to provide proof that you actually bought tickets to this particular lottery and that they match the numbers you put in via comments.  I think SallyCat is going to serve as our 'ticket verifier'.  If you hold the winning ticket, first, take a photo of yourself with it for proof, with a someone you trust as a witness, then get it somewhere seriously safe immediately.  Safe deposit box or somesuch.  Until we can get the trust papers drawn up to split that sucker without ending up getting double taxed...

The Split
First off, any ticket that doesn't hit either a prize above $100,000 or the jackpot is solely the winnings of the the person who bought it.  We won't split any lesser prize among the pool.  and if you bought it in someone else's name, it's on your conscience to make sure they get the cash, we're not going to police that, although you can certainly use this diary or previous ones as evidence if it goes to court :P
I want to change that part.
we only split the prize if all 6 numbers are hit.
Now, as to the rest of the split, vote in the poll below.   The three options are:

1. Completely even split among everyone, no matter who bought the tix that hit, or how many tix they contributed.

2. After all taxes, fees, etc, the winning ticketholder gets half, and then everyone else splits the rest evenly, no matter how many tickets they contributed.

3. After all taxes, fees, etc, the winning ticketholder gets half, and then everyone else splits the rest proportionally based upon how many tickets they contributed to the pool.

The last was my original proposed split idea, but the second is what most people who voted in yesterday's poll seemed to be in favor of, as being far easier to administrate in the event of a win, while still giving the holder of the winning ticket pretty good incentive not to simply screw the rest of us over ;)

It's #2 as our rule

any questions?

1:40 PM PT: I'm using this diary to base the rules.


Dr Eric did a great job last time.

the only change from his rules is it takes 6 numbers to split the pot.

I don't think we should spilt up anything smaller.

1:48 PM PT: I screwed this up

eeff #s
5-14-30-43-49  PB-18
 9-17-24-38-58  PB-35
 25-26-37-42-53  PB-22
 1-16-21-51-56  PB 27
 11-16-19-38-54  PB-25

2-14-21-34-58  PB-9
 5-16-27-36-51  PB-7
 6-27-34-43-57  PB-24
 2-24-36-44-58  PB-31
 9-24-38-43-57  PB-17

tekno's #s
17-26-29-35-48 PB 15
 09-12-32-34-58 PB 31  

JaxDem's #s
07-14-31-36-43 PB 08
 03-27-45-55-58 PB 22
 04-07-26-33-38 PB 05
 08-13-20-31-35 PB 10
 06-25-36-47-54 PB 34

weatherdude's #
18-32-42-46-52 PB 25

Cedwyn's #
26 28 35 40 59 PB 16

emobile's #s
06-11-17-40-58 PB-23
 04-23-24-27-30 PB-35
 06-09-18-38-51 PB-34
 15-20-27-39-52 PB-26
 06-14-28-42-50 PB-22

09-26-29-46-48 PB-18
 28-31-32-49-50 PB-35
 01-03-12-15-37 PB-19
 01-02-18-46-47 PB-28
 03-21-24-47-52 PB-25

Chrisfs #
11-19-30-34-48  PB-25

2:32 PM PT: If you decide to play, title your comment My Numbers so it's easy to find you.

3:42 PM PT: Numbers Must Be Posted by 10:30 PM ET 11-28-2012.

the number stamp in comments will be used.

10:31;01 doesn't cut it ! ! !

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