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First off, as with the pootie diaries, we have a few ground rules:

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4. Whatever happens in the outer blog STAYS in the outer blog. DO NOT SHIT-STIR IN HERE! Shit stirring will be dealt with the same way we deal with trolls.
As seen in these two diaries, Fineena is a fellow Kossack who has had difficulties when it comes to finding a job and is having some real difficulties right now.
Link and also Link

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I am going to give her the floor, so to speak, and let her share her story in her own words; however we are looking for a total of $2000:

I've made a little money past 6 months but there's always something that doesn't get paid & eventually it all catches up with you.  I have looked for work, had several interviews but nothing yet.  I do have a good possibility with a new business but that won't start until 2013.  I've done some custom sewing & crochet work to survive the past few months but none available right now.
Current situation is that November rent not paid ($800) & December due on Saturday.  I don't have a lease any longer so evicting me will be easy as my Landlord has said.  I've pushed him & drug out Nov rent as long as I can & am amazed he's let it go on as long as he has.

My car broke down a week ago so part of the money I put aside went for new battery.  Also had to pay 2 mos of electric to avoid disconnection this week so that took the rent of little bit I was putting aside for rent.

I still have other utilities to pay that are past due including another electric bill.  I am out of my blood pressure prescriptions & have no more refills so I need to get to a doctor or clinic here to get new scripts.  Both of my dogs (Sam & Julia) need trips to the vet & all of their shots.  Car insurance... and the list  goes on.  Right now, my biggest fear is the rent & keeping a roof over my head.....

H/T to ceriboo for this bit of info:

I know the more favorites you get there the more it raises your profile. Also being added to a Treasury List. So anyone who can't buy or donate, go onto Etsy and favorite Fineena's items or put them in a Treasury. Share on your Facebook or G+ pages. Anything that bumps her to the front page and gets more eyes on her work will help!
Also, we raised $1684 and 20 scarves were sold last night, so we are working on getting at least another $800.

2:24 PM PT: Apparently, I accidentally deleted the paypal address during my last edit. That is: palskaren@aol.com

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Originally posted to Community Fundraisers on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 02:00 PM PST.

Also republished by PWB Peeps.

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