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Just wanted those who are following this to see this story.

Greece hails rebirth of a nation as EU and IMF agree to release loans

Antonis Samaras says it is a 'new day for Greeks' after creditors agree to redraft package, free up funds and cut debt mountain by €40bn
Has this modern Greek tragedy been Kabuki Theater?
From being the eurozone's most indebted nation, Greeks can now expect to see their debt load cut to 124% of GDP in 2020 from the projected 190% of national outlay in 2014, under a package of measure that include a bond buy-back and various interest rate cuts on official loans.
Well, are there some elections up in the EU?  Yes.  Steinbrueck to challenge Merkel in 2013.
Known for a quick wit and acerbic tongue, Steinbrueck is likely to mount much sharper attacks on Merkel than the more diplomatic Steinmeier and could also siphon away votes from her Christian Democrats (CDU) because of his centrist economic views and reputation as a safe pair of hands.

"Steinbrueck is definitely the most dangerous candidate because he appeals to the voters in the middle," said political scientist Gero Neugebauer at Berlin's Free University.

If Geithner leaves Treasury, he will also lose his IMF seat.  Where will Tim land?

It's all far to complex for me to understand.

I am happy for the Greek people.

Now, onto Spain please.


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