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Mitt Romney addresses supporters on June 15, 2012 at New Hampshire's Scamman Farm
Campaigning in New Hampshire, which he didn't win.
As many of you know, the votes are still being counted and tallied up. We spent two weeks waiting for Mitt Romney to fall down to 47 percent, which he did. And we rejoiced. Now, in addition to seeing how low he falls, we're also keeping an eye on President Barack Obama—when he hits 51 percent of the popular vote, he'll be only the first president since Dwight D. Eisenhower to do so twice.

The data is compiled by David Wasserman in a county-by-county tally. The latest numbers are here: Obama 50.90, Romney 47.38.

Obama's popular vote lead is now 4,501,774 votes, or 3.52 percent. I predicted 3.5 percent before the election. At this pace, it should be closer to four when all votes are counted—well above George W. Bush's 2 percent, three-million-vote "mandate!" And as a bonus, Gallup looks worse by the day.

Among today's notable updates:

NH: Final tally reveals that New Hampshire cast exactly two more presidential votes than it did in 2008: https://t.co/...
@Redistrict via web

Damn, I should've told my in-laws not to vote. Then we would've had perfect parity. Oh well. There's always 2016.

CA: Los Angeles reports 58,176 new @BarackObama votes, 14,052 @MittRomney. Obama up to 50.91%, 4.5M vote lead: https://t.co/...
@Redistrict via web

Those LA results, as well as a batch from San Diego yesterday, has whittled California's uncounted ballot tally to 809,815. With luck, they'll finish counting before 2016.

Rhode Island becomes 16th state to make its final vote tally official: @BarackObama 279,677, @MittRomney 157,204: https://t.co/...
@Redistrict via web
Alaska = 17th state w/ final results: Obama 122,640 Romney 164,676. Biggest Obama improvement in U.S. (3.75%): https://t.co/...
@Redistrict via web
Also, Alaska is possibly the biggest turnout dropoff in the country, with raw presidential votes down -7.88% vs. '08: https://t.co/...
@Redistrict via web

I bet Sarah Palin forgot to vote.

Kentucky becomes 18th state to certify its results: @BarackObama 679,370, @MittRomney 1,087,190 https://t.co/...
@Redistrict via web

For the hell of it, I decided to check in on the Electoral College tally of states that have certified their vote: Obama 69, Romney 70. Oh noes, it's within the margin of error! Can Obama still pull this thing off? Stay tuned!

Personally, I'm on the edge of my seat.

Amazing % impressive: even amid flooding, Hudson County NJ turnout dropped only from 199,193 in 2008 to 197,422 in 2012 (-0.9%).
@Redistrict via web

Huh. Maybe Sandy didn't affect Obama's numbers much after all.

4:23 PM PT: Columbus, Ohio is now in, padding Obama's Ohio victory margin by another 14,000 votes. While the election-night Obama victory margin was 1.9 points, it is now a prettier-looking 2.95 points (50.61-47.66).

That means that Republican efforts to disenfranchise provisional voters were designed to shave over a point off Democratic totals. In a close election, that would've been a vicious battle.

That's what voter disenfranchisement is all about. They're not trying to steal the election by changing votes, they are trying to do so by making it difficult for our voters to cast ballots.


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Originally posted to kos on Wed Nov 28, 2012 at 04:11 PM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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