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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Tonight on TDS,Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace and Psychedelic Pill; and on TCR, Frank Oz, Little Shop of Horrors.
sausage grinder of snark

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Neil Young has an album, a tour, and a book (or "book") out there just now. The book is a bloggish memoir called Waging Heavy Peace, and the album (tour too, I suppose), is Psychedelic Pill. Sounds like Rolling Stone liked it, Pitchfork thought it was self-indulgent, Stereogum gave it an album-of-the-week, and the A.V. Club was impressed:
...what makes Young compelling isn’t just the fact he evolves—it’s that his leaps happen sharply, erratically, and often perversely. In an industry that traditionally tries to cage and tame artists, Young has routinely chewed his own leg off to escape expectation...

But amid Young’s restless, reckless explorations, the legendary songwriter has always made a point to go home again. Albums like 1990’s Ragged Glory and 1996’s Broken Arrow are solid slabs of rootsy, jam-drenched guitar rock anchored firmly in Young’s sea of uncertainty. It’s no coincidence that those albums were made with Crazy Horse, the meat-and-potatoes backing band that’s been with him sporadically since 1969—the year Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere cemented Young’s most beloved identity, that of a cranky, cranked-amp outsider able to pierce hearts and eardrums with equal passion.

It’s also no coincidence that Young’s latest circling of the wagons, the wistful Psychedelic Pill, is his first full album with Crazy Horse since Broken Arrow. His shaggy memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, was just released, and in many ways Pill is a companion to the book’s nostalgic sprawl. Music being Young’s primary medium, however, the album is far better at focusing Young’s rambling tangle of ideas, impressions, recollections, and emotions—even throughout the staggering, 27-minute opening track, “Driftin’ Back.” With a title that telegraphs its intent and barely buffers the shock, the long, shambolic song makes no bones about its voyage through the past. It’s a sober trip, though. As Waging Heavy Peace reveals, Psychedelic Pill is ironically the first album Young has written since giving up booze and pot to reconvene Crazy Horse (just before recording Pill’s warm-up, Americana, a rollicking disc of folk standards)...

(And dammit, the 'we know what you want' gremlins have wandered away from google & infested youtube. No, I don't want to see Neil Young's most famous and/or popular works; I want the newest. Search should not be so hard. Divest, Google. Please. Return to your roots.

Meanwhile, this appears to be the place to peruse the official videos, many of them less than 16 and/or 28 minutes long.)

Meanwhile, Stephen's got Frank Oz, apparently promoting the recently released Director's Cut (blu-ray version, I guess?) of Little Shop of Horrors  --it's got the original ending.

And, I assume, other deleted scenes:

Coming up:
11/26: David Nasaw (author – promoting book “The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy”) Jake Tapper - Author, “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor"
11/27: Warren Buffett & Carol Loomis (Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway & senior editor-at-large at Fortune Magazine – promoting book “Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, 1966-2012”) Dolly Parton - Author, “Dream More”
11/28: Neil Young (musician & author – promoting book “Waging Heavy Peace”) FRANK OZ - Director, "Little Shop of Horrors “ Director’s cut release
11/29: Calvin Trillin (author – promoting book “Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin: Forty Years of Funny Stuff”) SEAN CARROLL - Author, “The Particle At The End Of The Universe”
Next week's guests:
12/3: Denis Leary (actor, comedian & author – promoting book “Denis Leary's Merry F#%$in' Christmas”)
12/4: R.A. Dickey (pitcher for the New York Mets & 2012 Cy Young Award Winner – promoting documentary “Knuckleball!”)
12/5: TBA
12/6: Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)


12/3 SIR IAN MCKELLEN “The Hobbit”
12/4 MARTIN FREEMAN “The Hobbit”
12/5 PETER JACKSON Director, “The Hobbit”
12/6 ANDY SERKIS “The Hobbit”

(listings and occasional links  via The Late Night TV Page, some links & more guest info available at thedailyshow.com/guests, colbertnewshub.com, and a judiciously-used google.com.And sometimes even maybe DuckDuckGo.

(Note: Whenever reading reviews from the NYTimes (particularly Janet Maslin), remember this.)

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