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Back in May of this year, a lot of Kossacks came together to help Homogenius. The help you provided from words of encouragement to donations, did a tremendous amount of good.

Follow me below the squiggle and I'll explain.


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Before I explain though...I need to apply a bit of Troll Prophylactic

If you do not like this kind of diary, if you don't find it "appropriate," or if you have a problem with fundraising related to community members, turn around and leave now. Don’t bother to say anything. We’ve had more than enough of people trolling diaries designed to help others.
Mr. FrugalGranny and I would like to say that homogenius is one of our most wonderful friends. We met him at a DKos meetup at Kimoconnor's home in 2008. After that, we got together with him whenever we could. We went to other meetups and hauled him out to picnic with us.

Here is me and my buddy in the Santa Cruz Mtns.
Homogenius and FrugalGranny

Back in May, homogenius was in dire straights. KelleyRN2 wrote about it here.

Back then, he was unemployed, facing homelessness, having to move his parents into assisted living, bad teeth, and he needed a new leg. The amount of support was stunning. The amount raised was enough to help him with his parents bills and housing.

He now has a home. He also has a job, though it's not full time. His parents bills are paid. He even has his new leg, though it isn't paid for yet. He wasn't planning on asking for help as he had a storage unit full of items to sell to help pay for the rest. Then this came in an email.

I spent the afternoon with the police at my secondary (temporary) storage site near my house.  The motherf*%&s took all the s#*t I was going to sell (around $2k) except for the silver (stored elsewhere).
He may be able to get some of his items back as they caught the perp. However, the wheels of justice turn very slowly and his stuff is stuck in limbo for now.

Now he needs help with the leg and his teeth. He also needs a new pair of glasses, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Here's a pic of HomoGee and his old leg.
Bruce banner 3

This is the new leg
New Leg-1

According to HomoGee:

The regular quote for the leg is $6000, but see below.

Prosthetist has donated the labor, and charged me only $2000 for parts and materials.

One surgical extraction with bone bridge incl. anesthesia $1100
Two regular extractions    $600
One crown    $700
Two fillings    $400
TEETH TOTAL    $2800

Glasses and exam    $300


Homogenius is like me. Without the right dentist or without the right anesthesia, extraction is impossible. He's made several attempts to get this done without success. It's going to take more than an injection to get the tooth out. I know just how awful it can be otherwise. ugh!

In order to help him, hubby and I got him a membership to Costco. This will help him save on gas (to get to work) and he can get his new glasses there. They do very good work and the prices are even better.

Now for the technical stuff. How you can help:

The fast way: Log on to Paypal.com and send money to Homogenius001@aol.com
(Please note: There is a name with the initial's DL on the PayPal account. This might be confusing if you know HomoGee's secret identity.)
If you prefer snail mail, contact me via Kosmail and I'll get it to you.

Here are a few words from Homogenius:

I want to tell everyone how I’m doing. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working for five months. Time flies when you’re trying to keep up with twenty-somethings and appease stupid tourists (and keep your head afloat at minimum wage). LOL  I’m doing well at work. It seems that having to be nice to people is actually improving my outlook (to say nothing of my cranky disposition). It’s amazing to me that my coworkers think I’m a nice guy. Obviously they’ve never read my snarkier moments on DKos.

The new leg is really great. It was a long process fitting the test sockets and coming up with a good fit. We still have some tweaking to do, but that’s normal. I was terrified of having my old leg fail completely. As it was, the lock that held it on failed and I had to be careful about walking too quickly at work and, at the end, could only wear the pegleg because the conventional foot my friend gave me was too heavy (you’ve heard of hand-me-down shoes—well I have a hand-me-down foot!).

I’m so grateful for all the help I received from my fellow Kossacks—I don’t know how I would have survived without your help, including the advice/motivation (read kick in the pants) from FrugalGranny, SallyCat, and Nurse Kelley. I’m not sure if I’ve ever written how bad things truly were after I lost my leg and my dream job back in 2001. I spiraled downwards for a year (we’re talking curled up in a ball in PJs after noon) before hitting rock bottom in late 2002. Finding Daily Kos in late 2004 helped me begin to take some halting steps forward including getting Temp work. I wouldn’t be working again today without all the support, patience, and encouragement I’ve received here.

I appreciate you all so much, and not just for what you’ve done for me. On top of the financial problems, you guys kept me going in a crisis when I didn’t see any hope for a way out. But you are such incredible people and so very dear to me. Thank you again for everything.

For anyone who can't donate, kind words really do help and they make a difference.

Final update 12:24 am: Our final number was approximately $775. This doesn't cover any snail mail donations. This is great. Now my friend can go give the prosthetist a payment for that cool leg pictured above. Thank you to everyone who donated money or kind words. It's all greatly appreciated.

UPDATE 5:11 pm: We're now at $700. This is the final update for now as homogenius has to go to work. He'll email me when he gets home and I'll update again. :)
UPDATE 3:14 pm: We're at $400 now. :)
UPDATE 2:08 pm:  We're now at $300. Thank you everyone!

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Originally posted to Community Fundraisers on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 12:00 PM PST.

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