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Ross Douthat has written one of the dumbest commentaries I've ever read at the NYT.  How can the Times allow stupid shit like this, from a dumbass like Douthat onto its pages?!

In a world of melting icecaps, rising seas, snowmagedons, super storms, record droughts, burning forests, dying crops... this dickhead calls for more of the same thing that has brought us to the brink of ending civilization, OVERPOPULATION!

IN the eternally recurring debates about whether some rival great power will knock the United States off its global perch, there has always been one excellent reason to bet on a second American century: We have more babies than the competition.
How fucking stupid can you get, than to call for even more people consuming even more resources, putting even more CO2 into the atmosphere..., when we are literally going to the ends of the earth to try and squeeze the last drops of oil out of the earth, to find the last deposits of lithium to power our toys, and to find a dozen other bandaid resources that hold this fragile civilization together?

But this idiot goes even further.  Not only does he want more consumers in a dying consumer society, he wants them to be blissfully ignorant and wasteful.


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America’s demographic edge has a variety of sources: our famous religiosity, our vast interior and wide-open spaces (and the four-bedroom detached houses they make possible),
That's right, go out and build one of those huge McMansions and prairie palaces that burn more fossil fuels, create more CO2, and helped plunge us into one of the biggest financial crises the country has ever seen.  Maybe we can even build them 50 miles from where your job and the center of commerce is, so every 30 years we can spend a huge portion of our future resources rebuilding the massive infrastructure that's required to support these McMansions.

Maybe the NYT will start accepting columns about Chupacabras in Mexico, or the aliens from other planets that live among us, or how about weekly sightings of Bigfoot?  The NYT should know better than to promote the stupid, non science based fantasy bull shit that the Republican propaganda machine is constantly pushing.  From economics, to natural resources, to overpopulation, the Time's editors should know they have to be especially careful of what kind of total crap that's going to come out of some of these Republican columnists at any time.

Overpopulation is the source of many of the worlds major problems.  Would we be facing a global planetary crises from runaway climate change if the world had a more sustainable 1 billion population instead of the cancerous 7 billion+?

I'm sorry for the rant;  Aw hell, no I'm not!  You should be out their ranting too, whenever you see stupid shit like this in a respected newspaper or a respectable newscast on TV!

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