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Not a real diary, but I saw this on Twitter and thought it might be worth bringing to everyone's attention, since it doesn't seem to have been well-publicized.

Obama to take Twitter questions on fiscal cliff at 2 p.m. ET http://reut.rs/...
According to the Reuters blurb, Spokesman Jay Carney said Obama would take questions at 2 p.m. ET/1900 GMT under the hashtag #my2k.

Hopefully this will enable us to ask some of the questions that have been lurking around here about entitlement cuts and other issues.

And as an aside, how cool is it to have a president who does online chats with the American people? I don't think any previous president has ever done this.

Please rec. this to get attention. It doesn't seem like most of the netroots community knows about it.

UPDATE: Daily Beast has a page where you can follow the Twitter chat: http://www.thedailybeast.com/...

To ask questions, use the hashtag #my2k


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Here are the most recent questions and answers:

@whitehouse Is there a minimum ratio of revenue increases to spending cuts that you're looking for, or simply a balanced approach? #my2k
The White House ‏@whitehouse
.@jjfein don't expect 100% my budget; room to negotiate. if you incl $1T+ in cuts already made, rough balance b/w rev & cuts does trick -bo
Hunter ‏@huntertred
@whitehouse what is your opposition to taking away deductions for the 2% rather than up the rate? Seems like a reasonable compromise #My2K

@huntertred not enough revenue, unless you end charitable deductions, etc. less revenue=more cuts in education etc http://wh.gov/...  -bo
@BarackObama Mr. President, Why not place more emphasis on reducing government spending, than on raising revenues? #My2K #WHChat
The White House ‏@whitehouse
.@davidosteen (part 1) already cut $1T+ in gov spending last yr. Discretionary spending lowest as % of GDP since ike. #my2k
.@davidosteen (part 2) Open to more smart cuts but not in areas like R&D, edu that help growth & jobs, or hurt vulnerable (eg disabled) - bo
Emma Robertson ‏@soitgoesem
As a home owner, I worry deductions for home owners are at risk. Is that the case? #My2k

@soitgoesem breaks for middle class impt for families & econ. if top rates don't go up, danger that middle class deductions get hit - bo
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