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     Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have perpetrated massive frauds, through profuse acts of Perjury (34 lies to the Court are already confessed) - in the case of In re eToys 01-706 (DE Bankr (2001)). The organized criminal efforts are compounded by federal corruption also. We've started a White House Petition to get a (honorable) investigation by the Department of Justice and PoliticusUSA.com has released a story today - on those issues. (See Rmuse story "Tell the DOJ to Investigate Mitt Romney's Serial Fraud and Perjury")

      Tomorrow morning a hearing is schedule in Wilmington Delaware Federal BK Court (you can listen in on www.CourtCall.com - if you so desire). It is on Bain Capital fraud and perjury issues in eToys (DE Bankr. 01-706). Unfortanetly (and to the ebol delight of B's anti-Laser gang) - the crooks have taken control of the evidence hearing and turned it into a "Status Conference" on the Haas Hearing/Filings. Not one single lawyer (and a couple of judges) - have any idea what the hell is going on.

       Good news is, the story is getting great attention. It made it up on FindLaw.com, the Legal News Networks, Bankruptcy Conduct andeven the New York Times reflected on DU's posting the case http://topics.nytimes.com/...


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Here's PoliticusUSA.com recent story from Rmuse

Tell DOJ to Investigate Mitt Romney's Serial Fraud & Perjury
Perjury is considered a serious offense as it can be used to usurp the power of the courts resulting in miscarriages of justice, and after investigating Willard Romney’s record while head of Bain Capital, it appears that committing perjury was standard procedure for him and his surrogates.

and some more ....

Early in the election it was revealed that Romney perjured himself regarding when he left as head of Bain Capital on SEC and FEC forms that prompted MoveOn.org to file a complaint with the Department of Justice over his disclosure claiming he was 100% stock holder and paid Bain Capital executive in 2002 despite his contention left active management in 1999.

AND - what is "really" important (those "retroactive" secrets)

Romney’s surrogates working in several bankruptcy cases also made false declarations and committed perjury to be creditors and debtors’ counsel in eToys bankruptcy. A bankruptcy court golden rule that “mandates all disclosures of conflict of interest” was deliberately unheeded by Bain Capital’s secret law firm and Paul Traub who committed several acts of perjury by failing to disclose conflict of interest that will be addressed in a hearing that was set to take place December 4, but has been rescheduled to March 2013. Bain’s secret law firm convinced the Delaware bankruptcy court that on Tuesday, instead of addressing the acts of fraud and corruption in eToys bankruptcy, they will have a Status Conference to discuss the hearing in March. It is still a prime opportunity for eToys shareholders who were bilked out of their investments to address the court with their concerns regarding perjury that allowed Bain Capital to get eToys for free.

You can read the whole story here

Heading OFF the NaySay's


    There's an anti-Laser contingency (troll group) among us here at DK. They think victims of legal crimes should just hush the hell up and take their arse whoopin.

                                            Well FRUUUK Them!

    Everyone knows that Mitt Romney lies. We also KNOW that his Olympic and Governor records were Destroyed. Compounding those issues even further - he fought to be "RETROactively" retired from August 2001 to February 1999. The reason he did so is Bain Capital's attorney (Colm Connolly - pictured right - from www.MNAT.com) was a MNAT partner from March 1999 to August 2001. What happened on August 2, 2001 - is Colm Connolly became the United States Attorney in Delaware. Who then refused to investigate and/ or prosecute MNAT, Bain Capital or their cohorts for his entire 7 years in office (See Colm Connolly's RESUME at the Dept of Justice http://www.justice.gov/... )

       Just because a person "stole" so many billions, using that to have a chance to BUY the White House and those items being combined with the fact that he utilized such power/ money to buy his very own United States Attorney, is no reason for U.S. citizens to put their tails between their legs and go hide in a corner.

Is a Request for a Honorable Federal Investigation - Too Much to Ask For?

        All we are asking for, what one would hope would be a basic civil/human right in this great country of America - is an honorable investigation. The trolls and others (who do NOT inform you they are attorneys when they attack our evidences) - would have you walk away from reading about this noble battle - simply because they attack Laser Haas.  



I LOVE DailyKos - and my (True) Progressive Friends

         I luv this realm and most of the people here. Kos and MB have been Fantastic. Though they have been bugged greatly - to get rid of me - I'm still here fighting (because I'm not the problem - the liars and thieves who confessed to perjury/ fraud, being covered up by corruption - THAT's the problem).

          Though I may come to an untimely end - because we are getting "REAL" close to a true chance for justice here - I pray you all stay tuned and help (anonymously) - where ever you can. This is a VERY special case and you are get the very rare chance to witness it all the way through. Romney dodge a federal investigation (as Rmuse's picture left denotes) - we can NOT let them get away with this OPEN corruption of our federal system of justice - it would only Embolden them to do more! Either they are going down or they will do something to take me down.

                              One way or the other - you are watching history being made!

PLEASE SIGN the White House Petition?

         We are now at 850 signatures. We need 25,o00 by December 14, 2012. You can have bragging rights - if you help make this happen. That is, unless you love poor Pitten's and his gang of Robber Baron - Tax me Never Repugs!

         I didn't think so - so here's the Petition;


request that the Dept. of Justice open an investigation of Mitt Romney & Bain Capital "retroactive" issues in eToys 2001

        Even the New York Times is starting to post the story

        Story also made it to USGovernmentPortal.com News



Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 07:48 PM PST.

Also republished by The Bain Files.


Are you starting to believe that we are gonna nail Romney & Bain?

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