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I am sick to death of the prima donnas in the Congress.
I no longer have any interest in seeing Lincoln, the movie, if it's goal is to tell us that the niceties of stroking egos is what is necessary to getting things done.
Bush II ruled by fear, with his sidekick "Dick" as the boogeyman.
I was shocked to hear Zbigniew Brzezinski, on Morning Joe today, tell President Obama that President Bush II was a strong "leader" on foreign policy, because he deceived the country into going to war. And that Obama is weak because he "led from behind" on Libya.
Obama's ego is very much under his own control. he is not capricious or a prima donna. He is, IMO, trying to do his best with all of the remarkable gifts he has to help this country and the world get to a better place. He has been the first president, IMO, who has managed foreign policy with a deep respect for average people, with the exception of those who would practice violence against innocent people.
What is going on?
Isn't it enough to have a president whose goals recognize that the "elite" aren't better people than the people who work for a living?
I am sick and tired of having to bow and scrape in front of some clown who has pandered to lobbyists and lied their way into the Congress and being told the President has to shmooze this schmuck because the shmuck is so delusional that he/she thinks that they're more special than anyone else and that they have the right to do a transvaginal on a woman or deny her medical care.
Is this the Planet of the Apes?


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I want a president who honestly seeks solutions that are realistic and take into consideration the consequences of laws that affect real people.
And I want a Congress that is composed of people who spend less time safeguarding their delusional holier than thou image and are willing to put their egos aside to work to solve the country's problems.

No one, except some of the anchors on MSNBC talk about gerrymandering districts to insure an easy march to victory for a particular party.
It's a no brainer to see that.
So, no, Republicans did not win a mandate in the House.

Apparently. 2014 is a critical election and the rest of the tea party must be swept out.
This planet is not 6000 years old.
Global warming is real.
I do not believe that soothing ruffled feathers is what our president should be graded on.
I don't want to vote for anyone who cares more about their own ego than the well being of the country.

I am sick and tired of elitists refusal to put their own egos aside and work to get the country on a sustainable path regardless of whether they keep their cushy jobs, and health care and privilege.

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