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First of all,
in response to any of you
who might accuse me of
cheap exploitation of this site
for petty emotional support,
I say,
I'm guilty as charged.

Unless you don't see yourself as cheap,
so it's not exploiting anyone who's cheap,
unless you feel emotional support
is not petty.

More below the squiggly.


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My bride,
and I
have been married a little over a year.

Here's a link to our wedding liveblog event:


We had a disagreement
a few hours ago,
and the mood was so bitter,
that Tonia threatened to divorce me,
call a lawyer Monday,
and file for divorce.

Her Uncle Randall heard,
and he told me later,
his heart skipped a beat.

You see,
Tonia and I live in a big, five bedroom house,
with her Uncle Randall,
her brothers,
Terrell and Michael,
and an unrelated roommate,

Randall's room is right next to me and Tonia's room,
and he can hear our conversations,
especially when they're loud.

You see,
when I married Tonia,
I married her family,
and we all love each other,
very much.

at times,
any one of us
might get upset,
and complain,
and the shit hits the fan,
so to speak.

It makes me think,
maybe our marriage is very safe,
since the whole family
would have to fall out of love with me,
before they would let Tonia divorce me.

But instead of just sitting back,
and relying on Uncle Randall
to soothe Tonia's anger,
I want to get help from my small circle of online friends,
here at Daily Kos.

in the comment thread,
please write comments
directed at my bride,
the woman who rescued me from depression,
depression I suffered
for the first three years after my first wife,

Tell her what you like about me.

Tell her how to deal with my bad habits.

I know this seems silly,
since face to face marriage
shows everything about me,
including some very annoying things,
I put my best foot forward
here on the computer screen,
so maybe this whole thing is pointless.

But maybe,
some of you feel you understand
the kind of arguments
we might be having,
based on what is common
with married couples,
maybe some of you
feel you know enough
about my personality
from the words I put on the screen.

if you feel moved to do so,
do what you can,
melt Tonia's heart,
to keep us together.

Thank you in advance,
for those who try to write something,
as I like to say,
thanks for reading.

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Reasons for bigjac and bigton to stay together:

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13%4 votes
68%20 votes
6%2 votes

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