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  • Today's comic is Twinkies ad: Captain Industry vs. Union-Man by Ruben Bolling:
    Comic by Ruben Bolling - Twinkies ad: Captain Industry vs. Union-Man
  • Congratulations to the state of Washington, which is now officially allowing gays and lesbians to undermine the sanctity of Newt Gingrich's three marriages.
  • President Barack Obama:
    There we go. My tweet has been posted. That's what I'm talking about.
  • Um ... no. Just no:
    Being a teacher must be hard. How do you get students invested in learning about important historical events like the history of the African slave trade? One teacher at a girls' school in London had an idea: ask kids to create a business plan for enslaving Africans without being wasteful.
  • The gay agenda marches on:
    The Mexican Supreme Court ruled yesterday against a local ordinance in the state of Oaxaca that banned gay marriage. Legal observers are saying that this could lead to the recognition of gay marriages nationwide, as couples in other states sue under the new Supreme Court ruling.
  • Kinky:
    Right after Thanksgiving, the Office of Student Life at Harvard University approved a handful of new clubs including the Harvard College Comics Club, the Harvard Undergraduate Mathematics Association, the Harvard Undergraduate Maternal Health Initiative, and Harvard College Munch, a group of about 30 students who meet for lunch or dinner to discuss issues and topics relating to kinky sex.
  • Ugh.
  • Does this mean Queen Elizabeth needs to bust out the long-form birth certificate?
    Is Queen Elizabeth II the legitimate monarch of the United Kingdom? In an article published on Thursday, Iran's state television station questions the queen's right to the throne.

    "The monarchy is believed to be an outdated institution in the modern world that moves towards democracy, because the Queen cannot be held to account at the ballot box and there is nothing to stop her abusing her power because under Britain’s law, civil and criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Queen," Press TV notes.

  • Save the Date: Gov. Howard Dean will be joining us for a G+ Hangout on the front page of Daily Kos at 1:15 ET, Friday. He and Joan McCarter will be talking fiscal cliff curb and protecting Medicare.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin was on hand to discuss "Fiscal Thingy" kabuki theater, the realpolitik of internal caucus dynamics, and why there's "lag time" before electeds finally line up with public opinion. Armando joined in for a debt ceiling debate, asking whether Congress really should retain its role. Also: Santorum outlobbies Dole; Foxx's freakout; Rand Paul doesn't know his state's biggest biz, and still more on filibuster reform.


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