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I am republishing this from December 6th.

Fox News and their Fox Nation blog have joined the NRA's campaign to scare gun owners about nefarious plans President Obama may be harboring to take their guns away that have been making the rounds on the right wing blogs for the last couple of weeks, based on pure 100% speculation. During a Fox News interview of "gun rights expert" John Snyder Fox News anchor Shannon Bream asked Snyder how Obama could restrict guns without congressional action.

                              Obama Bypassing Congress on Guns?

Shannon Bream: And my understanding is the way you've laid this out Congress would not be involved in this process, our elected representatives would not be involved. You mentioned that possibly through the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms. and Explosives basically what would happen this would be a move by this Administration that would go into effect without getting the legislature involved?

John Snyder: Well that's the problem Shannon, you see. The Gun Grabbers in the United States for years have wanted to deprive law abiding citizens of being able to obtain ANY firearm, or in this case semi-automatic firearms.

Then Snyder explains that congress taking action to restrict guns that are easily converted into fully automatic weapons would be unlikely, he than goes on to explain how President Obama could take action on his own to do this.
John Snyder: ...So the Gun Grabbers then would rely on their Boy in the White House to ah, to use Executive Order in this way to try to ban them. To keep law abiding citizens from obtaining these firearms for legitimate purposes.
Bream abruptly ends the interview at this point but not without throwing in a favorite Fox News Conspiracy Theory about a fictitious UN treaty that supposedly includes banning guns without a shred of evidence to support it.
Shannon Bream: Well there are ah.... The White House each time this issue has come up has said that the President and the White House has no intention at all of depriving Americans of their Second Amendment rights, BUT we know there is also a U.N Treaty that the US is involved in negotiating and hammering out that would also deal with gun rights.  So we will keep a close eye on what you've tagged and on that treaty as well, and keep folks out there updated.

Shannon Bream:  John Snyder thank you for your time.

John Snyder: Thank you Shannon, thank you.

                                  I just have a couple of things to say.


                              Even when your target audience are bigots.


                     Even when you might want the audience to believe them.


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Originally posted to Lefty Coaster on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 12:09 AM PST.

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