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University of Mich (3 stations), Michigan State (7 stations) put Wolverines and Spartans logos on 10 anti-union Limbaugh radio stations (from Universities for Rush Limbaugh - see my sig).

All those stations, and probably numerous other RW stations that don't headline Limbaugh, pay a little licensing to UM and MSU so that the Koch Bros., the GOP, and the Chamber of Commerce can put Wolverines and Spartans logos on their anti-union soapboxes.

Those stations have been used for years to attack everything union and progressive and democratic, elect republicans, and generally piss all over anything not 1%.

I've heard that right to work for less BS in NM and CO. It's a regular on RW radio all over the country, with guests from RW think tanks and probably paid callers. And it wouldn't go anywhere without the loud coordinated repeated lying that only unchallenged RW radio can do.

Those stations are the Samson's hair of the GOP. Michigan union members and dems and progressives that ignore the use of their state funded universities to scream over their activism and resources are making a mistake. How much activism from students and groups at those universities is being negated by those same universities? Right wing radio will continue to be used to support and protect Governor Snyder and the Michigan GOP and attack their opponents. Much of their power comes from those giant megaphones and those made-to-order for-hire constituencies but the Left routinely ignores that fact.

RW radio is suffering from the reaction to Limbaugh's attack on Sandra Fluke, thanks to activists like Richard Myers at Daily Kos and all the great work by activists and contributors to Stop Rush and Flush Rush and other groups. But it can't happen soon enough. The monopoly is hanging on and will try to survive to the next elections.

Those stations won't survive without that university association bringing the community credibility and local ad money. Get the University of Michigan and Michigan State to announce they're going to look for non partisan alternatives and most of those stations will have to fold, change formats, or consider balance. If the universities use the excuse they don't want to appear pro union, use the anti-science apolitical global warming denial issue. Or the misogyny. Or the racism. Or the fact they have a lot to say on which university regents are electable. Their mission statements probably suggest they oppose all of it.

On the local level in Michigan, just like the Wisconsin Badgers stations got Scott Walker's back, those Wolverine and Spartan radio stations will be getting Snyder's back in the next elections. Those stations will be critical to GOP efforts to hold the Governor's mansion and State House and Senate.

Without them the Michigan union-killing GOP won't survive.


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