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For much too long the mainstream media has given the abject failure of the current Republican philosophy a pass. They succumbed to talking points based on information from conservative think tanks that are notorious for fudging data. One need only remember that the Heritage Foundation came up with the idea of a mandate in order to make private health insurance viable and to institute personal responsibility. The Affordable Care Act, now referred to as Obamacare, followed this protocol. The Heritage Foundation then opposed it on personal freedom and other grounds. In effect they showed the fluidity, porosity, & intellectual dishonesty of their current philosophical positions.

It is not an accident that these subjects are not covered in detail on mainstream news channel. An educated electorate would not stand for all that has turned America officially into a Plutocracy. There is an excellent documentary by Danny Schechter titled “Who Rules America?” that explains many of the reasons.

The mainstream media never forces the philosophical arguments that detail the differences between Progressives (Liberals) and Conservatives. They allow the inconsistencies in Republican philosophy to be discussed as if they were just a difference of opinion as opposed to just being wrong.

Increase taxes on the wealthy have no measureable effect on economic activity. There was a report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) that was “withdrawn from circulation” at the behest of Senate Republicans that proved this. Moreover, one class in basic Economics 101 taught that given that the marginal propensity to consume is much larger for the middle class than the wealthy, a benign tax increase will not have a marginal effect on their lifestyles. Yet, news channels never challenge Republicans when they state that taxes on the wealthy will affect economic activity. This is repeated over and over on issue after issue, policy after policy.

What Jon Stewart did effectively in his interview of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is indict the Republican philosophy in a funny manner, with a smile and piercing sarcasm. Anyone who watches the 15+ minutes of video below will be more informed on the inconsistencies of the Republican philosophy, more so than if they had watched the news all year on CNN or Fox News.

Jon Stewart Memorable Statements

  • Will you make the free market dictate what happens with Hurricane Sandy’s rebuilding?
  • If you have cancer and do not have health insurance; that is Hurricane Sandy.
  • When externalities happen to you, you suddenly agree with it (Government).
  • Tendency of GOP to want the market to dictate things until it is a need that they themselves possess and then big government fine for them.

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