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As a few of you might recall, I posted a diary a bit over a month ago about the end of a very long journey to parenthood.  My wife an I embarked on that journey in 2007.  It finally concluded last month.  You can read my brief diary about that occasion here:  http://www.dailykos.com/....  Below the squiggly, an update on this most incredible journey...


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My lovely wife and I have spent numerous holiday seasons alone or with family and friends asking "when will you have kids?"  We spent years telling people we weren't really interested because telling people the truth - that we dearly wanted children but were not able to do so - was far too painful.  We lived in outward denial with the exception of one or two our closest friends and family.

This year, we celebrate the arrival of our daughter, something we weren't sure we'd ever be able to do.  When she first arrived we often referred to her as "our adopted daughter" or, when people would ask how old she was we would say "She's three months but we just adopted her x days ago."  That language is gone.  Our beautiful girl is ours. Her primary descriptor isn't "adopted", it's "ours".  We will never once forget the wonderful family that allowed us this opportunity, but nor will we forget that this girl is ours.  She is growing up with our values, in our home, with our traditions and in our arms.  The traditions start now.

While my family was never religious, the holidays were always a time of great celebration.  Starting with our candy-filled shoes on December 6th, the whole month of December was a time of sharing and family.  I am humbled by the challenge of recreating such an awesome opportunity for our daughter.  She's too young for the candy I put in her tiny little shoes this morning, but that's OK.  She'll be too young for the apple cider toast on Christmas morning as well!

Let's be honest - there's no real point to this diary other than to mention how absolutely honored and humbled I feel to finally refer to myself as "dad."  All the waiting makes the term that much sweeter and I cherish it every day - even in the middle of the night when she's fussy and hungry.  Even when I'm trying to go to work and she needs a diaper change.  Most especially when I come home each evening and her face lights up with excitement.

Our daughter is happy and healthy...and ours.  This year, we celebrate the holidays together.  As a family.  Our family.  I'm not sure why that's worthy of a diary on a political message board, but there it is.  If you've read this far, thanks for reading.

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