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  The anxious exhortations against Ashely Judd, who is ‘mulling a run’ in Kentucky, by McConnel aides is a wake up call. ’14 is on and the Rs are running scared.

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public advocacy group  Ms Judd who is an accomplished actress, Harvard grad communicated..

Her publicist said Tuesday nothing has changed since Judd released a statement last month saying she was honored to be mentioned as a potential candidate.
No Democrats have stepped forward to challenge McConnell, a political powerhouse who already has $6.8 million for his re-election.
    But looks like R Con Senators are very nervous.
Sitting Sen. Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky, in a radio interview Wednesday, said that Ms. Judd is “way too ... liberal for our country” and lives much of the time in the United Kingdom with her Scottish husband, race-car driver Dario Franchitti. “I heard she lives in Scotland; I thought she was running for Parliament,” Senator Paul joked during his WMAL appearance.
He went on to point out...
    If a hint of possible intent and a shining public profile can get the most powerful Senate R  and his fellow Tea Party Senator to go all panic attack.  
 What will happen if Ashely strikes back?
‘Forget about it.’ The R’s will be spending a mint on Mitch McConnell’s behalf by June of 2013.

     If all it takes to shake an R war horse is a celebrity sign post ridding hard on the D line? “It’s going to get tight.” What about Congress? There are a lot of smart stars out there who have the means and could use a good second act to show more than a popular  face. Sonny Bono of Sonny and Cher? got elected.
The Ds and Pros have a deep bench. The truth may be? Few folk really want to live in ‘fly over country.’
Celebrity candidates can bring a lot to the economic table and image of a district or state.
      What about Justin Timberlake running in Tennessee vs. Sen. Alexander.
And then, there is Eva Longoria actress, mega star major Obama stalwart and leader who has already formed a big new public advocacy group. Born in Texas with deep roots. Senator Cornyn. Who? Only won by a bare 10 pts, will be looking long and hard in the mirror. O Eva
Le Ann Rimes and Vivica Fox and others are from Mississippi  Does R Senator Cochran really stand a chance? And then there is Mr. Breakfast Club himself, Judd Nelson who hails from Maine. Hello Sen Collins.
   People laughed when Ronald Reagan ran and won in California. Jimmy Carter could not believe this ‘B actor’ really beat him, for the presidency. It takes brains brass and savvy to make it in celebrity culture. They know how to deliver lines and tap into public sentiment.
 Popular icons start out with a real edge in breaking through to new and bored voters.. When you are talking 6 points to victory in Texas or even 10 in Mississippi?
That informed, tech supported well known celebrity smile might just take Ds to victory over the final miles.
   Plus It is going to be fun To be watch them run.

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