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Who wins and who loses?

The media and politicians keep suggesting that raising the Medicare age by two years will save huge amounts of money.

This idea was begun back in the late 1990s right before the baby boomers were about come of age to receive Medicare.

Why has it remained so important for Republicans?  What's most important to Republicans?

Money! Money! Money!


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Each year that Republicans fail to raise the medicare age, private health insurance company's lose more clients each year.  And those clients mean money.

So even though increasing the age of Medicare eligibility by two years would only save the government approximately 6 billion dollars, an amount of money the government can easily afford, those two years would put another 6 billion dollars into the hands of private insurance companies.  Probably even more than 6 billion dollars because the older you get the more you need health care and if those elderly persons remained on corporate health insurance policies, insurance companies would simply have more ammunition to increase rates each year.

Republicans and even some Democrats downplay the importance of those two years, but the more you investigate what would really occur the more you can see how much money Republicans and health insurances are salivating over.

Not to mention the fact that the increase would disproportionately affect African Americans who just happen to have the lowest life expectancy, as a group, in America.  So as a race African Americans recoup the least from paying Medicare taxes throughout their working life.

There's a whole lot more, but that's enough for now.

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