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Tension.  Entire cities in turmoil with bands of armed right wing fanatics intimidating people, and in many cases committing violent acts against those whom they perceive to be dangerous elements in society (i.e., liberals, union leaders).  Fear starting to spread to cities and states that at one point have been considered bastions of liberalism.

All financed by billionaires through a myriad of right wing organizations, media outlets, and corporatist lobbyists who have taken control over several state governments around the country.

Most readers of the previous two paragraphs would be incredulous; I understand it.  But this scenario could happen at any time.  A lot of the conditions for it to become reality are either in place, or are being put in place as you read this.

Those are their intentions; that of these odious and treasonous oligarchical and tyrannical crop of corporatist billionaires who are taking the final steps to destabilize our system of government in order to take over.

Many ask, "why are states are furiously passing ALEC-written, cookie-cutter legislation to allow people to carry conceal weapons everywhere, including churches, shopping malls and daycare centers?  What's the reason for similarly-generated laws that curtail collective bargaining, undermine public education in favor of for-profit charter schools?  What is the obsession with weakening the social safety net, including medicare and social security?"

The Republican party today represents a clear and present danger to the nation.  They are hell-bent on destabilizing the country's institutions, on creating havoc, and brinkmanship, all at the behest of their corporatist owners.

They will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal of apocalyptic chaos; they will again use the so-called debt-ceiling to threaten the financial stability of the country.

The fanatic right wing wingnuts are being whipped into a frenzy with carefully-tailored messaging hammering into their pea-brains an irrational fear against "socialism" and "perversion" and "illegals" depleting the country's coffers.

These fanatical goose-stepping "soldiers of God" are at the ready, just looking for an excuse to "step up" and "make things right."  The billionaire-funded think tanks and mass media organizations like FoxNews and others are doing everything they can to put together a narrative that would justify violence or intimidation.

Those are their intentions, and they are working towards making them a reality.  Will they succeed?  I don't know.  But if these things happen I will not be surprised in the least.  


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