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I popped over to Free Republic to see what the Tea Party /Far Right wing of the Republican Party had to say regarding the tragic events this morning.

Its not pretty, its not even sane, but it definitely gives you an idea what we are up against when we attempt to speak rationally about the tragic events involving guns occurring in the United States.


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Diary Title Obama: "These children are our children" ( A diary that simply gave content from President Obama's statement to the public regarding the Sandy Hook shooting)

"But they don't all look like you"

(Its important even in a tragedy to keep the racism going)

"He is coming after your guns. This is it that will get him cover."

"It’s folks like him who are responsible for many of these mass shootings..."

Diary Title. Obama orders flags at half staff

(Something as normal and expected as this action still brings out the venom)

"The left will find a way to make political hay off this murder"

"Alternative title; 0bama Demagogues Gun Control With the Blood of Children"

 ""0bama Demagogues Gun Control With the Blood of Children"
That's old news. Obama should have been impeached long ago for intentionally creating gun violence against innocent children in order to advance what he's about to advance in the weeks ahead. Elections have consequences. "

"I have no reason not to believe this pResident was not somehow directly or indirectly behind the mass murders that occurred today or all the others that have happened under his pResidency."

...and a few other random postings because EVERY DARN THREAD ON THIS SUBJECT is filled with this bile.

"Here’s a novel idea. ALL teachers and school staff are required to take a firearms safety and proficiency course taught by law enforcement. Then they are issued a standard pistol and ammo or they can get their own side arm and approved ammo. Now ever six months all teachers and staff are required to go to the range for proficiency training. Here’s the good part, all teachers and stall are required to OPEN carry while in a paid status at the school."

..because nothing says solution like forcing everyone to become part of the problem.

"I have told my wife that since the left has thrown God out of the public arena (USA has turned its back on God), and killed the God-given institution of Marriage between a man and a woman, the country has gone to hell ever since."

Yes, marriage equality did this thing..it makes perfect sense.

"You're absolutely right. Muslims set up their bases right in the schools."

Blame it on the Muslims, even if they weren't involved they "probably" were.

"Prayers for the families of those lost, but liberalism and gun control have to take some responsibility for making these kids and their teachers totally helpless along with the savage murderer. "

I'm constantly amazed by the argument that the rest of us must accept making our schools and homes armed camps in order to protect ourselves from the far right's policies.

"Obama has the massacre he’s been waiting for."

..and referring to President Obama's comments:

"... not much of a life Barry, paying for your callous spending spree. The children are with God and free from tyranny and debt"

I would like to say this is the worst of the lot but it is far from it. The Right is out of control with their disdain for our President and disdain for our Country.

Members are also posting repeated diaries about the China incident in the hopes that somehow that makes Sandy Hook normal..no big thing.

It is a big thing and we need to start discussing the issue of reasonable gun control and safety. The majority of Americans support the concept and we cannot let ourselves be held hostage by the likes of hate sites such as Free Republic and the rantings of their leaders such as Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

Its time to talk.

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