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The shooting tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School, is such a sad and horrifying tragedy that truly brings tears and fear into the hearts of all Americans.
  Sadly the event has such complications that will belie the jump to solutions of the gun control groups, of which I belong, and also will tell the fallacies of the NRA stance that a gun in every hand makes each of us safer. Sadly the very same can be said of the  rightful owner of those pistols, they did not make her safer in her home.




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It comes to light that the mentally challenged son used his mothers legally purchased guns to murder her and then all of the other parts of her that he could manage by shooting her principal, students, and other staff.
  So the gun control groups look at this and see the murder weapons were registered and purchased legally by a kindergarten teacher....mentally stable candidate in every-ones books right?  Hard to argue against that purchase.
  And the NRA looks at this as a woman exercising her right to own weapons for ostensibly self protective reasons. Sure she lived in a quaint small New England town, but things can get crazy in this world right?  And it is hard to argue against her right to buy those guns legally.
  And what turns it all on its head is her mentally deranged son using those pistols in a manner in which nobody, not the gun control advocate, or the NRA member, or the owner would not find terrifying were she still alive.
  This seems like the perfect example of events that can be used to prove every ones arguments wrong. The legal purchase by a stable member of society is what we gun control advocates want, but sadly those measures did not protect 27 people in Connecticut today. And equally wrong is the assertion by NRA advocates that gun ownership will keep you safer, because of that old bugaboo truth that your own weapons can be turned against you.  And the biggest tragedy of all is that mentally deranged 20 year old son of a well meaning kindergarten teacher used her weapons against her and all that was important to her resulting in the meaningless (to all but the shooter) destruction of 27 lives.
  Nobodies argument wins this case, as tragic as it seems, we might all be best off to mourn the deaths of these children and their teachers and mentors, and use a different tragedy to make our arguments.There is no black and white here, only gray.

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