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According to a neighbor of Adam Lanza he was on medication for some type of personality disorder.


Yesterday, I speculated that AP reports of his condition suggested to me he was medicated for it.  I sloppily slung together a diary trying to force my concerns to the surface and the diary didn't get the kind of attention I feel this topic deserves.

I am deeply troubled by the potential toxic side effects of long-term prescription drug use of psychotropics.  

First, drugs are typically approved based on clinical trials of adults with fully developed brains.  A child may be prescribed psychotropics as young as age 5.  


I challenge anyone to locate a significant peer-reviewed clinical trial of psychotropics where all test subjects are pre-pubescent.  

Whereas antipsychotic drugs are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for children; the FDA's "black box warning" states antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders; and drug safety experts have recommended additional "black box" warnings be placed on ADHD drugs: for the increased risk of stroke and heart attack;

Second, duration of testing on subjects does not span several years.  Although FDA approval may take up to 8 years from drug synthesis to market, actual prescription schedules in studies do not sustain beyond typical usage periods in the real world.  

It's possible that we are rearing a generation of children who are the very first to be put on psychotropics so early and so long.

So the full array of effects of psychotropics in real time are unknown prior to market.  We are raising these children and investing our trust and placing the health of our children in the hands of multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporate conglomerates.  I don't want that trust to be blind just because the man/woman who prescribes the psychotropics wears a white coat and gives your kid a lollipop.

Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters was prescribed psychotropics.  James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist but information has not been released about whether he had ever been prescribed psychotropics or lived most of his childhood on psychotropics.  

Peculiarly, Adam Lanza and the Columbine killers and James Holmes share common traits that describe a digitalized, overmedicated generation.  All of them come from affluent communities and mostly stable family units with access to prescription drug coverage.  All of them are described as genius by at least one person in their circles, exhibiting normal cognitive function according to public education standards. And in the case of Lanza and the Columbine kids, they were avid gamers, quiet, shy and socially inward.  

I'm not drawing any conclusions here I just want us to ask more questions.  

Here is what I know and what has sparked my inquiry.  Adam Lanza had been diagnosed with some type of personality disorder.  AP reported this yesterday.  Adam Lanza has been prescribed medication for it.  Washington Post reported this today.  

Here is what I don't know:  1) when his young brain was first showered with these potentially toxic chemicals 2) how many years of accumulation contributed to complete mental detachment from reality 3) if chemical mixtures played a role at all.

But what I do know is that quiet honors students who grow up in loving families with no record of criminal history do not commit spontaneous acts of mass violence.

In 2002, Fox National News reported Douglas Kennedy exposed the link between psychiatric drugs and school shootings.

In September 2005, following confirmation that Red Lake Indian Reservation school shooter, Jeff Weise, was under the influence of the  antidepressant Prozac, the National Foundation of Women Legislators, together with American
Indian tribal leaders, called for a Congressional investigation into the correlation between psychiatric drug use and school massacres.

Congress has yet to investigate the role of psychiatric drugs relating to school shootings despite international drug regulators warning these drugs can cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations, suicide and homicidal ideation.

At least eight of the recent school shooters were under the influence of such drugs, and according to media reports, investigators working on the Virginia Tech school shootings, Cho Seung-Hui may also have been taking drugs for “depression.”


I leave you with the words of one of the one of the Columbine victims:

If you are interested in more information about the potential links between violent behavior, reality detachment and psychotropics watch the documentary "The Drugging of Our Children"


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