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O.K. now we have to listen to the shrill screams for the abolition of firearms of the anti-gun zealots with counterpoints offered by the shrill screams outlining second amendment rights by the psychotics of the right.  We need to address the wreckage of our mental healthcare system.  This destruction was started with the ultra-conservative cabal from Texas who bankrolled the roll back on what they saw as socialism which would eventually lead in their minds to communism.  In California, they closed most of the state mental inpatient and outpatient facilities when Reagan was Governor.  These people lost their access to mental health care, but not their access to firearms.  Millions of the homeless in our nation need mental health care and are not receiving it.  Many of our homes are also full of mentally ill children and adults who are not receiving mental health care.  It either is just not available or affordable for most people.  Yet, any of these people can obtain an ID card and and go to there local gun store, mega-store,  or sporting good store and purchase any type of weapon they can afford.  Most rifles and handguns cost less than one appointment at the psychiatrist office or an overnight in a psychiatric ward. Sociopaths will steal a weapon without any compunction of guilt.  There are 250-300 million firearms in this country.  Even if half of those were kept securely locked in a safe with trigger or action locks, there would still be 150 million firearms available to psychotics, those with personality disorders, and children.  If we want to save our children from future horrors, we have to reinstate our public mental health system and be willing to either pay for it or to sacrifice more children.  Each individual owning a firearm has to be legally and morally responsible for its safe and appropriate use.  The penalties for failing to do so need to be harsh and meaningful.  Every firearm needs a lock either installed or integral to the weapon which absolutely stops it from being fired.  I agree with President Obama that there is absolutely no reason for anybody outside the military or police to own or possess an assault rifle.  This is a modest beginning to insuring the future safety of our children.


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