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Christie Blatchford of Toronto has covered many major crimes and subsequent trials. She  recently followed the horrendous kidnappping/murder trial after a young girl  was lost. Not many months before she had covered the sensational, lurid trial (of sex, kidnapping, murder, rape, and over 100 lingerie break-ins in his own neighbourhood)  of Colonel Russell Williams, commander of Canada's most important Air Force base (former pilot for the Queen and  prime ministers, at the  side of the Governor-General for every ceremony for returning coffins from Afghanistan). She's been there and heard and seen all the pictures, evidence and testimony that is too graphic to be made public.

Today, she has a bit different take on these senseless deaths in Newtown.

The wisest story I've ever read about a mass school shooting is a work of fiction - no accident, I suspect, for it takes distance to see past the horror of such things....

The story is told through the eyes of Eva, mother of the teenage killer....

As the son told the mother during one of their jailhouse chats, this shortly after the arrival to the prison of the newest celebrity killer, a teen who had slit the throats of a pair of elderly neighbours who complained his music was too loud, the boy's only modest claim to fame was that the police had never found the couple's entrails.

"Your friend's precocious," Eva said, for here she was trying for impassivity in order to get Kevin to engage. "The missing entrails - didn't you teach me that to get noticed in this business you have to add a twist?"

Perhaps that's what Adam Lanza was doing at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., simply raising the ante.

By assassinating children so young they could have hurt and offended no one, he was guaranteeing himself some place in the growing annals of school shootings....

Noting that "Mark David Chapman gets the fan mail that John Lennon can't," she says that in a country - I would say world - "that doesn't discriminate between fame and infamy, the latter presents itself as plainly more achievable

Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/...

I watched President Obama tonight, the clergy, govenor and first selectman. The indescribable horror deserves a response to the challenge and task the President described so well. Things have to change. The present situation is no longer acceptable.
These young childen and teachers would be best remembered through a piece of truly major legislation and programs attacking the problems with gun violence, far more then just a ban on assault weapons and large clips.

If Christie Blatchford is even partially right, and I encourage you to read the full piece in its broader context, then there is a sickness abroad in the land/world that is more mundane than true mental illness, but far more pernicious, where attention is easier to garner via infamy rather than fame.



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