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All the phoney chatter about gun control from both sides of the aisle, and I do mean phoney chatter and rending of garments  make me want to puke. We have the right wing blaming liberals for not arming everyone, we have the so called left wing bullied into submission saying now is the time after colluding to make it easier to own guns. Armed teachers in schools whatever bloody next?

The fact of the matter is that there is an estimated 300 million private arsenal of 300 million guns in circulation, of which around 14 million assault rifles. How many billion bullets are out there heaven alone knows, certainly enough to wipe out every single man women and child in the US and probably the planet.

Access to weapons is so far out of control as to make any legislation seem like grandstanding.

Blaming mental illness a sop.

It's our nations mentality that has to change, without that nothing else will change. Hell if a sheriff today asked you to leave your guns at the office before entering town, there would be an appeal to SCOTUS.

Believing that the only way you can get safely through your day is to be armed at all times, quite frankly beggars belief. It is a bit like the theory mutually assured destruction, without the safeguards in place. If you followed NRA and AMERICANS FOR LOTS OF GUNS [or whatever they call themselves] logic to nuclear weapons; why the hell are they getting upset about Iran, surely it would make the world a safer place if everyone had nuclear missiles.

If merely being near people endangered you then cities should have the highest gun ownership, and every city that didn't arm its citizens be a bloodbath? All we hear is "thar gonna take ma guns away", as if some deer is going to stalk them in their family room. But, but the "gubbmint" is the next paranoid delusion, we have had the good fortune of living in one of the most stable democracies in the world for decades yet conspiracy theories have  been taken as reality by all too many; even in congress.

It is time to stop the hysteria and hyperbole used to justify gun ownership, it is time for individuals to really think about why they have a gun in the first place. It is time for individuals to also think about how they store their guns when not in use. Would you leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition?

With hundreds of millions of guns in circulation the time for meaningful legislation is long past, it is however time to combat the screaming paranoia of the major gun lobbies. If you read around the right wing media and blogs and the panic is palpable and it wouldn't surprise me to see yet another surge in sales. I always ask the question, "is it really these people that I want to see armed?"

It is a mentality change that is required, or do we have to make every public and private building in the country a fortress? Because this poll is quite frankly depressing

The new HuffPost/YouGov survey found that 50 percent of Americans say gun laws should be made more strict than they are now, compared to 43 percent who said that they should remain the same (29 percent) or be made less strict (14 percent). The poll also found support for banning semi-automatic weapons (51 percent to 33 percent) as well as magazine clips holding more than 10 rounds (54 percent to 32 percent).
Armed teachers in the classroom? Whatever bloody next?

I cant believe we have sunk this low.


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