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It makes sense.

Grover Norquist is on the board of directors of the NRA.  

kingoftheworldIt's the perfect illustration of what's wrong with this country. There was a time when the politician who won elections was the one who touted "I will represent you, not special interests!"

Now it seems that "special interests" have more control of our government and as we peel the onion, each layer smells worse than the last.

We need to start comparing the lists of senators and congressmen who signed the tax pledge, to those who have high grades from the NRA.

And, those who are on both lists need to go. "We can't tolerate this anymore."

From Josh Horwitz's  article The NRA's Biggest Gun: Grover Norquist and the Decline of (True) Freedom:

It's easy to understand why Norquist finds himself at home on the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. The organization pays a lot of lip service to "freedom," even going so far as to call itself "the nation's oldest civil rights organization," but it's always willing to trample the freedom of others who get in its way. For example, the NRA had no problem pushing Congress to close the courts to lawsuits by victims of gun violence in order to protect its financiers in the gun industry. The NRA has also not hesitated to dismantle the presumption of innocence when it allows gun owners to shoot first and ask questions later.

From suppressing the democratic aspirations of millions of Africans to helping corporations fleece taxpayers to pushing worker/employer relations back to the Gilded Age, Norquist has proven by his actions that his brand of "freedom" is every bit as tainted as the NRA's. With the promise of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" now becoming an impossible dream for most Americans, we can see where their vision is leading us. No one should equate Norquist and the NRA with the real values that have made this country a glowing beacon of individual liberty for the last 235 years: political equality, commitment to the rule of law, and pluralism.

And, the NRA is still silent. Facebook page down, twitter feed, silent.

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