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Dear Kossacks!

I am writing to ask for your assistance concerning the medical case of a Kenyan baby girl. Chloe Naserian is about 5 months old and was diagnosed with  complete Atrioventricular septal defect in Kenya. This condition results in the mixing of oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood in the heart. With this she is likely to suffer from a heart attack and succumb to death any time.  Since birth she has only gained 600g to a current weight of only 3.6Kg.

However, she was referred outside the country, specifically India for medical surgery, where the costs are lower than other countries. Unfortunately, her mother Gladys Naserian has been struggling to meet medical expenses and caring for Chloe's two other siblings. She also cannot afford to pay for overseas medical expenses. We are told Chloe needs to have this surgery before 20 January 2013 (when she turns 6 months).

I and my colleagues in Kenya and the Netherlands are frantically trying to assist in any way possible, especially by successfully obtaining the support of people and a charitable medical organization. At present, Chloe is admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya as her oxygen saturation is low and she also has pneumonia. Hence, we feel she is running out of time and needs a Christmas miracle.

We are trying to prevent Chloe becoming another forgotten statistic of African children with poor access to healthcare.

The estimated costs for Baby Chloe's surgery and recovery are $25000.

Kindly donate towards the costs of heart surgery for Baby Chloe at http://www.indiegogo.com/....

Help circulate this fundraising appeal and make this go viral. Your contributions will literally help save the life of a beautiful baby girl! Lets ensure Baby Chloe will have a hopeful Christmas this year and will be around for many more Christmases!


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8:49 AM PT: Letters from the hospital that diagnosed her are here:



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