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Last legislative session Texas Republican Bill Zeddler introduced a bill that:

would have required a woman having an abortion to fill out and submit to the state a detailed questionnaire about her educational background, the type of contraception she was using when the child was conceived, why she was having the abortion and who was paying for it, among other things. Doctors would also have had to submit a "complication reporting form" following an abortion, although the word "complication" was never actually defined in any way.

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The bill failed, but Zeddler did not give up and petitioned the State Health and Human Services to implement the 'reports' anyways. They agreed with some 'less invasive' questions being asked:

The new reporting requirements, readable in the online Texas Register, are less invasive than the ones Zedler originally proposed. The woman can't be identified by name, and neither can the abortion facility, except with its consent. There aren't any questions about the woman's preferred method of birth control or the age of the man who impregnated her. Instead, the report merely asks for her year of birth, race, marital status, state and county of residence, the date of her last menstrual period and how many abortions and live births she's had before.
All of which, in my opinion, could still be used to narrow down or even identify recipients of a legal procedure. There is more:
The doctor also has to affirm in writing that the patient has been shown a sonogram of the fetus, listened to a heartbeat (if one is present), and shown the Woman's Right to Know booklet, which still contains thoroughly debunked information linking abortion to breast cancer. There are also questions about the "method of pregnancy verification" and how the "fetal tissue and remains" were disposed of.

There are also new reporting requirements for "complications" that occur following an abortion, although the word "complication" is never actually defined. Doctors have to submit a report within 30 days,detailing the type of abortion "that caused or may have caused the complication," as the new language puts it, plus the name of the facility where the abortion was performed, the facility where the complication was diagnosed and treated, a description of the complications, the number of weeks gestation when the abortion was performed, what type of anesthesia was used, as well as the patient's previous live births and abortions.

Texas law already requires that a woman look at a sonogram, listen to a heartbeat and read a medically inaccurate, pink-tinted little pamphlet. But it's not clear why the state is suddenly demanding an extra layer of proof that the doctor has done these things, or what type of "complications" they're supposed to be reporting.

The election may be over, but the War On Women certainly is not.
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