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Many terms, words, phrases have been created to describe the economic and political elite power brokers who swing their influence from here to there with no concern for the result of their constant swaying. They are the people, the corporations, the governments that make up the 1%, the New World Order, the Ruling Class, or as I prefer to call them the Global Dominance Machine. The recent events surrounding the 'fiscal cliff' once again demonstrate the power of this power-class to control the conversation, to direct policy, to alter the very state of being for millions upon millions; with the end goal in all of this being, of course, the further acquisition of money, the further redistribution of money from us to them. If there truly are any socialists or collectivists left in this country they have taken shape as the Monopoly Men; old, white patriarchs whose greed knows no bounds, and for whom both political parties serve. These Monopoly Men who have been engaged in economic terrorism throughout the third world for centuries now have brought back to the western world all their old, favorite tools they so long had been unable to use because venality, corruption, and the wall of idealism with regard to one's duty to serving the public good had not yet been swept away by the rivers of money that have so far flooded much of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, that wall has vanished, and vanished long ago.


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If one has been paying close attention over the last two years it should be quite clear that the 1% has created a nice, juicy little scam to further redistribute the wealth of the 99% into their own pockets and the pockets of their friends. What the 1% count on to ram through this kind of agenda is the complicity of the Washington press in failing to provide the context the public requires to gain the sure footing utterly necessary to realize the artificiality of the crisis before them.

A little more than a year ago when the Republicans decided to take the entire American economy, and its credit rating, hostage by refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless President Obama and his fellow Democrats agreed to significant cuts in spending to, ostensibly, reduce the deficit. With the Republicans holding a gun to the head of the American, and let's be completely honest the entire global economy, the Congress agreed to do deal to raise the debt ceiling for a single year by creating a debt commission with a predetermined time period in which it's bipartisan members were to come to an agreement that would solve the nation's deficit and debt problems. In drafting the legislation that created the debt committee the Republicans decided to add an economic atomic time bomb through the insertion of spending cuts -split roughly down the middle between domestic discretionary cuts (Republican idea) and defense spending cuts (Democratic idea)- that would be automatically triggered at the beginning of 2013 if the debt committee failed to come to an agreement. And it wasn't just the spending cuts that were at stake, let us not forget the expiration of the Bush tax cuts that largely benefit America's most wealthy.

During the months that followed the debt committee legislation's creation, and then the months after the committee's window of opportunity for a deal closed the real purpose of the economic atomic time bomb deliberate creation became clear. It was created to force the two parties to come to some compromise, but was instead truly intended to create an artificial crisis that would arrive at the end of a congressional session, directly after an election, and thereby place as much pressure as possible on legislators in Washington to come to some grand bargain forcing each side to give away policies they each treasured. The true beauty of the operation however is that none of this -except of course the cuts to domestic discretionary spending that helps keep ordinary people living marginally decent lives- has to happen if the plutocratically owned political class does what the 1% requires of them. The Democrats, playing the good cops to the Republican bad cops, will eventually cave, explaining to their progressive base, explaining to the media that what they acquired to raise the tax rates of the wealthy was a small price to pay; unfortunately, much of both of those camps will chastise the "radical" elements in the progressive movement for being "extremist", for demanding the impossible, and the plutocracy will have won yet another battle in its war against the middle and working classes of America.

The fiscal cliff should be called exactly what it is: a racket organized by open conspiracy amongst those   in the upper echelon's of American life who will not share in the sacrifices made on the backs of average people to solve imaginary problems. The shock doctrine of 9/11 to expand the imperial state and create a nation at permanent war providing defense contractors with untold billions and billions of dollars, the shock doctrine of the financial crisis providing the banks with trillions and trillions of dollars to keep them solvent and maintain the historic high stock mark numbers have each claimed their victims amongst the nation's, and the world's, most vulnerable people. The fiscal cliff is only the latest in a long line of both real and imagined crises used to shock the nation into further punishing the weakest among us into not fighting back as we are once again plundered for the little wealth we have been able to scrap together. This Global Dominance Machine will never be satisfied. They'll slit your neck for a nickel.

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Originally posted to Global Dominance Machine on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 04:39 PM PST.

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