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So the head of the NRA wants an armed policeman in every school.  Well, let's assume we're including vacations, pensions, sick days, personnel overlap for large buildings, equipment costs, training, central management, etc.  Simply multiply an annual cost of about $80K by the number of people you need.

Now: also add hospitals, public parks, (tax-exempt) churches, shopping malls -- every public place that doesn't have one already.  Everyone in this "Homeland Security Extreme Makeover Edition" carrying live ammunition, ready to respond in seconds.  Fine, Mr LaPierre -- Done!


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Now the next question is -- how to pay for what the NRA proposes.  Should the NRA Tax be carried by everyone, or just gun owners?

While LaPierre would argue that "everyone benefits", the truth is that only gun owners benefit.  Just like fracking is a cost that should be born solely by the companies doing it, not the nation as a whole.

Finally, since this NRA Tax is just for new buyers, but not current gunowners --

Everyone who desires to own a gun must be required to carry an umbrella insurance policy to cover the mayhem that might result.  As with most insurance policies, such factors as age and credit rating (along with number and types of weapons) will have to be rated to create the annual premium.  If you own an AR-15, for example, the social costs of damage wreaked by this weapon must be spread among owners of the same model (or class of model).  If you're young, unemployed, and maxed out on credit cards, it costs a bit more to get the policy.

If you look at Mr LaPierre's public proposal logically, it's an enormous expansion of the reach and prerogatives of BIG GOVERNMENT.  There are consequences to what you propose, Mr LaPierre.  Think it through -- since the sociopath you are doesn't seem to allow common sense into the picture.  How many gun owners are willing to pay thousands of dollars each year to advance their "Second Amendment" rights?

After all, we already tax smokers for the social costs of their "free choice".  Why shouldn't gun owners have to pay a fair share?

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