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The number 26, once the province of alphabets, now carries a much sadder meaning for us, etched into our souls with the venom of violence. In hopes that we can find the goodness in ourselves and in others at this time of reflection, here are my 26 wishes for you, my fellow Kossacks, for this year... and beyond.

A for affection, all year, every day
Let's hug one another; keep sadness at bay

B for best friends, those who "get" who you are
And love you unfailingly, here or afar

C is for courage to stand up and fight
For freedom from fear's each American's right

D is for dogs; if you don't have your own
Help out at the shelter - just pick up the phone

E for employment; good jobs for us all
Good pay for today, also for the long haul

F for forgiveness, the gift from the heart
Forgiving yourself is a very good start

G, get togethers with family and friends
Reach out to them long after Christmastime ends

H is for health, and of course for health care
A worthy first step (how about single payer?)

I, introspection; take time to reflect
On what you would keep, and on what you'd reject

J jubilation, for bits of good news
That rush of endorphins will banish the blues

K for a kiss for hello and goodbye
A moment well spent that has great ROI

L is for love, as you surely have guessed
It doesn't mean much if it isn't expressed

M is for mastery; using your skills
To combat the world's many problems and ills

N for next year; it's a fresh, brand-new start
To do something special to brighten your heart

O, optimism: that glass is half full
Don't give in to all of that gloom-and-doom bull

P for politeness; it's always in style
An upliting word with a big heartfelt smile

Q is for quiet; escape from the noise
Take time to enjoy time away from your "toys"

R, resolutions: try ones you can keep
Like being more loving and getting more sleep

S is for singing in showers and cars
Or dancing alone (yes, without those big stars!)

T for together (and teamwork as well)
When we work together, results can be swell!

U for uplifiting news items and such
For days when the tragedies seem too, too much

V for vacation; take time to renew
Your family (and colleagues) will surely thank you

W, weather; rejoice in the snow
Your cute inner child remembers, you know!

X for x-plore; leave your comfortable zone
And find new adventures to claim for your own

Y, yesterday, things were simpler then
But we must move forward, and forward again

Z is for zzzs; always get enough sleep
Wind down for the evening; you needn't count sheep

Whatever you've planned; please stay safe and have fun
For our work at the Great Orange Satan's not done
We need all you Kossacks to be in top form
As tempers flare up and the icebergs get warm
As gridlock and partisan squabbling grow
It's all up to us to say, quite calmly: "no"
And offer solutions (not just angry rants)
And share an occasional victory dance
We're in this together for better or worse
So thank you for reading this holiday verse


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Originally posted to Indigo Kalliope on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 11:24 AM PST.

Also republished by Courtesy Kos and Community Spotlight.


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