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When our children grow up to see our leadership, what message are they being sent? If they grew up in the last fifteen years, they saw their leaders go to war on flimsy evidence. They saw their leaders justifying torture. They saw their leaders justify killing hundreds of thousands of civilians to spread our version of democracy. They saw the previous President impeached for getting a blow job. They saw the next President being praised for starting unjustified wars.

You’re either with us or against us. The axis of evil. That must mean we’re the good guys. Therefore, torturing is good. They’re evil after all. Therefore, war to spread our ideas is good, because they’re evil. Therefore killing innocent civilians is good because it helps get rid of evil.

It starts at the top.

We have 25% of the world’s prison population with only 5% of the world’s total population. Our country is good, therefore there’s no problem. Therefore there’s no problem with locking small time drug offenders away behind bars. Therefore there’s no problem with incarcerating young adults for life. Therefore there’s no need to change. Therefore it’s OK to have self-perpetuating circles of violence. Therefore, it’s OK to have private prisons. Therefore, it’s Ok to make money off of misery. It’s the prisoners fault after all. Drugs are illegal, therefore they’re bad. You’re in pain? That’s OK, here’s some Oxycontin. Don’t do drugs; they’re bad for you and illegal. You’ll go to prison if you do. Need another refill? That’s OK because we’re good people and you are too.  

Not feeling well? You should go to the hospital. No insurance? If you were a good person you would have health insurance. This is the greatest country in the world after all. We have the best healthcare system money can buy. Good people understand that. Therefore, you shouldn’t complain about your bills. Therefore, you shouldn’t complain about your enormous debt. We’re good people in a good country and we take care of our own. If you can’t afford it then that’s on you. If you were a good person you wouldn’t have this problem. Good people understand this.

Having trouble with school? Hmm, that’s odd. We have the best education system in the world. Good people understand this. Good education for good people in a good country, that’s what it’s all about. People that received bad education must be bad people. If they were good then they would have had a good education. Good education is essential to a good country after all. Don’t think too much about it though, it might make your head hurt.

We don’t want to offend anyone. Feelings might be hurt. If we see something wrong, we should consider the feelings of those in the wrong. They seem like nice people after all. We should allow them to manipulate us because we know that deep down inside they’re good people. We’re in a good country filled with good people. Maybe they’re lying, cheating and stealing for a good reason.

Job creators are gutting companies for financial gain. Wall Street is there to make money and that’s what they do. They’re just doing their jobs after all. It’s not Wall Street’s fault that the system is set up that way. That’s life in this country after all. No need to change because we’re good people. The job creators need more money to create more jobs. They create more wealth by putting people out of work. Therefore with their added wealth they can create more jobs. It’s for the good of the country. This is just fine. We’re good people.

This is what our children see growing up. This is what all of us see living in this country. Children are being taught at an early age that all of this is just fine. They’re being taught to be a part of this. They’re being led into believing that these things are justified. This is the greatest country in the world after all. We’re a good country filled with good people. No need to travel outside of this country to find out for ourselves because we’ve already seen the best of life. This is as good as it gets. No need to change.

Mass shootings occur on a regular basis. That’s just a part of life. If only everyone had guns, we would be a much safer society. There’s no need to change because we’re a good country filled with good people. What about the constitution? What about the Second Amendment? What about our rights to bear arms? Don’t we have a right to protect ourselves from lunatics with assault rifles? Shouldn’t we all have assault rifles to protect us from lunatics with assault rifles? Shouldn’t we have the right to always carry guns to make us safe from crazy people who always carry guns? I’m a good person and I’m surrounded by good people in a good country. I want to protect those good people in our good country, so I should be able to be armed to the teeth if need be. People are crazy after all.

Rehabilitation is for socialists. You can’t rehabilitate someone who’s been in and out of jail all their lives. Lock them away and throw away the key. If people steal, they should be punished. They should be put in the same population with murderers and rapists. They should be subjected to violence from prison guards and fellow inmates. Once released, they should be subjected to the public’s scorn. Once released, those who’ve done wrong have been taught a lesson. Those who’ve done wrong shouldn’t be able to get good jobs, they did wrong after all. Those who’ve done wrong should have their lives destroyed. They’re bad people. Once released, we should expect them to be completely normal and well-adjusted members of society. They were taught a lesson after all. If they were good then they wouldn’t see anything wrong with this.

The top is a reflection of what’s below it. When the top is considered good, then what’s being reflected must be good too.

The people at the top. Government. Wall Street. Celebrities. Athletes. CEOs. All perfect in their flaws, all reflective of our culture. This is what’s important in our society. This is what we should aspire to. We should aspire to become reality show members. We should aspire to take the most amount of money possible. We should aspire to become more athletic than educated. We should aspire to become famous at all costs. We should take the easy road. We shouldn’t question what we’re seeing. This is a good country after all, filled with good people.

When you see an opportunity to make money, take it. When you see a guy about to get hit by a train, you shouldn’t help him, you should photograph him. Those pictures are worth money. You can sell those pictures to a newspaper for lots of money. Your photos will be seen by many. You can be famous as a result. You can have a voice as a result. And if the newspaper decides to make a joke out of it, well that’s on them. You did nothing wrong. You’re not in charge of the newspaper. They seem like good people. Maybe they didn’t realize what they were doing. Who cares? You’re conscious is clear. You made money. The newspaper made money. Everybody wins. Remember, it wasn’t you that did anything wrong.  You didn’t push the guy on the tracks. You took a picture of him and that’s not the same thing as pushing a man to his death. You took a picture of him and that’s not the same thing as the newspaper making a joke out of it on the front page. You’re a good person in a good country surrounded by good people.

Sitting, disgusted with ourselves is a good thing. This is the greatest country on Earth, why change? This is as good as it gets. You can’t improve perfection, even with our flaws. Here’s something shiny. Isn’t that cool? Now you’re cool. Now you’re a part of the team. You either with us or against us. After all, we’re good people in a good country.  


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