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Now I have just found out that there has been another mass shooting. In Webster New York, two fireman were killed and two injured by some guy who set the fire so he could take shots at them. That is right set the fire to trap the firemen.

How many has this been, Malls, movie theaters, schools, christmas shopper, now firemen.

These are just the ones that get coverage, how many neighborhood have to deal with drive by shooting and gang violence.

It does not take a great sage to figure that something is deeply wrong here. Something has gone deeply perverse in our society. I guess I am not a good blogger because I cannot claim to have or offer any answers.


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I am not writing this to advocate for gun control. The reason is that many have done this and can marshall the facts and write it far more eloquently. It is not probable that this diary sure could add much to this debate that has not already been said.

This  diary is not written to advocate for stronger mental health systems. Again for the same reason, others have done it better.

In these two regards, I doubt that I could be much more than an amen chorus.

The reason for this diary is to say that we really need some sort of a compassion revolution. It is really clear that people are slipping through the cracks and we are now paying the price. The technology of destruction gets greater every year unfortunately, moral and spiritually we are not keeping up.

If only vague cliches have been offered, it is because I am indeed at a loss. When I was young I seemed to have more answers. Now I have more questions than answers these days. So all that can be can said is something with each of us and society at large must change.

Maybe it could something as simple as listening. I read somewhere a few years ago that the number one complaint that people outside the US have about Amercians is that we do not know how to listen. I can see the point. Mostly during my day most people kind of talk at each other as opposed to each other. It is ironic in this age of communications revolutions that very little is actually being said.

I know that these are trite solutions but, I am at a loss all I can say is something within our society and us needs to change.

Maybe on this Christmas night there are others with more wisdon than I. Please share it.

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