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Just one of many entertainments presented today by your center for leftist subversion of the moral fiber of our great nation.


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First of all, evidently someone in my family reads my sites.  Alas, perhaps not so closely.

I was quite looking forward to this though everyone went out of their way to tell me what terrible reviews it got.  At least I won't have to worry about borrowing.

And I got one of these which is quite handy as I have a habit of forgetting to take them out of my pocket before I wash my clothes.

Some other amusements.

The Stars Hollow Gazette/DocuDharma Digest

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

* On This Day In History December 25 by: TheMomCat
* White ek'smas by: ek hornbeck
* Punting the Pundits by: TheMomCat
* Loot by: ek hornbeck
* The 12 Gifts of Christmas Aftermath by: TheMomCat
* "Breaking the Silence" by: TheMomCat

The Stars Hollow Gazette


* White ek'smas by: ek hornbeck
* On This Day In History December 25 by: TheMomCat
* a real christmas story by: Compound F
* Cartnoon by: ek hornbeck
* Loot by: ek hornbeck
* The 12 Gifts of Christmas Aftermath by: TheMomCat
* "Breaking the Silence" by: TheMomCat


While today we have South Park of borderline watchability, Wednesday and Thursday are "out vile jelly" bad.  To remind us of what we are missing I'll be posting more video from the "2012 Year in Review" collection and I'll hopefully find something of general interest and accessibility we can watch together.





I've been watching the K-9 marathon on SciFi and taping the Doctor on BBCA.  Frankly K-9 is not that good and the ears are decidedly off.  Bring back the dishes, what are those articulated Vulcan glasses hangers supposed to do anyway?

Still I suppose it hasn't been all bad as far as ek'smases go.  I hope you've had a good time and are ready to get back to saving the world and stuff.

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