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As was previously touched on in the fantastic diary by Grizzard(http://www.dailykos.com/... )
Mike Huckabee has a pretty simple solution for stopping things like the shooting in Connecticut and I would assume other national tragedies that have befallen us of late.
We simply have to invite God back into our lives as a nation. So, if we assume that Mr. Huckabee is correct I have a few questions. Follow me after the squiggle for the problems inherent in this idea.  


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This first thing that Mr. Huckabee does not understand or chooses to ignore is that no one in this country has ever been forced to be a Christian. Just as they were never forced to not be a Christian. These were choices that we as a free people made. And if we are to believe as Mr. Huckabee does; that God works on a merit based system when doling out his love and protection, it was our choices that got us here. http://www.gallup.com/...
As study after study shows the American people have exercised their freedom to leave religion over the years. So it would seem that the only way to stem this tide of destruction is to force people to be Christians. However, therein lies the problem. Religion, especially Christianity, is all about true belief, based on a personal choice. It is not something that can be forced. So according to Mr. Huckabee, the only thing we can do to save this nation from future calamity is to deport or otherwise remove any and all non-Christians. However we now face a whole centuries long list of problems. Which Christianity is God approved and which isn't? Protestant, Catholic, Baptist? And if something bad happens after that; a baby dies, a tornado destroys a town, what do we do? Hold hearing to find out who among us is lax in their faith and brought the punishment or lack of action upon us? How do we determine that each person is devout enough to continue God's watchful eye? After 25 years in the church, I'm still unaware of a test that one can undergo to affirm their faith or prove their belief. If this is as cut and dry as Mr. Huckabee makes it sound, why do devout Christians still endure suffering? To echo the sentiments of Grizzard, if Christians such as Mike Huckabee, wish for people to follow his example, so that they too can avoid the condemnation of God, make it an example that people will be desperate to follow.

10:49 AM PT: Just to clarify, although mildly snarky, I mostly mean what I am saying. I tend to believe that in an infinite universe ANYTHING is possible, however improbable. Mike Huckabee claims to have a solution to all human suffering. Going off the possibility that he MAY be correct. I'm genuinely curious as to how he thinks that could or would work.

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