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Hi kids! It's Sunday morning. A day for rest (yeah, sure), political talk shows, fat newspapers (all ads), and big breakfasts. Oh yeah, church for some of you. The key to enjoying your Sunday properly is to stay in bed as long as you are allowed to. That will get you off to the perfect start. After that, it's all up to you.

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Now, history time!


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On This Day

In 1922, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was formed.

In 1936, the United Auto Workers union staged their first sit-down strike.

In 1940, California's first freeway, the Arroyo Seco Parkway, connecting Los Angeles and Pasadena, was officially opened.

In 1965, Ferdinand Marcos became President of the Philippines.

In 1977, Ted Bundy escaped from his cell in a Colorado prison.

In 1986, in Britain, canaries were phased out in mining pits and replaced with hand held gas detectors.

In 1994, a gunman shot up two Massachusetts clinics where abortions were performed (the press called them abortion clinics, but that is vastly overstating things), killing two women.

Born on This Day

1724 – Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée, French painter (d. 1805)


1819 – John W. Geary, 1st Mayor of San Francisco (d. 1873) and street namesake, he was also a governor of the Kansas territory and 16th governor of Pennsylvania. He really got around, didn't he?


1865 – Rudyard Kipling, English writer, Nobel laureate (d. 1936)

1873 – Al Smith, American politician (d. 1944)

1884 – Hideki Tojo, Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1948)

1906 – Carol Reed, English film director (d. 1976)


1910 – Paul Bowles, American composer and author (d. 1999)

1911 – Jeanette Nolan, American actress (d. 1998)


1917 - Nancy Coleman, American actress (d. 2000)


1914 – Bert Parks, American television host (d. 1992)

1914 – Jo Van Fleet, American actress (d. 1996)


1920 – Jack Lord, American actor (d. 1998)


1927 – Bernard Barrow, American actor (d. 1993)

1928 – Bo Diddley, American singer and musician (d. 2008)

1934 – Del Shannon, American singer (d. 1990)

1934 – Russ Tamblyn, American actor, dancer, and singer

1935 – Sandy Koufax, American baseball player

1937 – Noel Paul Stookey, American folk singer (Peter, Paul & Mary)

1942 – Michael Nesmith, American singer, songwriter, actor, and musician (The Monkees)

1945 – Davy Jones, English singer, songwriter and actor (The Monkees)(d. 2012)

1946 – Patti Smith, American singer and poet

1947 – Jeff Lynne, English musician (ELO)

1950 – Bjarne Stroustrup, Danish computer scientist, creator of C++

1959 – Tracey Ullman, English actress and singer

1961 – Sean Hannity, American wingnut talk radio and television host and yin' sack of shit.

1964 – Duglas T. Stewart, Scottish musician (BMX Bandits)

1969 – Jay Kay, English musician (Jamiroquai)

1975 – Tiger Woods, American golfer

1980 – Eliza Dushku, American actress

Died on This Day

1788 - Francesco Zuccarelli, Italian rococo painter (b. 1702)


1947 – Han van Meegeren, Dutch painter, portraitist and art forger (b. 1889)

Han van Meegeren

1970 – Sonny Liston, American boxer (b. 1932)

1979 – Richard Rodgers, American composer (b. 1902)

1993 – Irving "Swifty" Lazar, American Hollywood talent agent (b. 1907)

1994 – Maureen Starkey, former wife of Ringo Starr (b. 1946)


1996 – Lew Ayres, American actor (b. 1908)

Lew Ayres

2002 – Mary Brian, American actress (b. 1906)

Mary Brian

2004 – Artie Shaw, American jazz clarinetist, composer, and bandleader (b. 1910)

2006 – Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi Dictator, (executed for war crimes) (b. 1937)

2009 – Rowland S. Howard, Australian guitarist (The Birthday Party) (b. 1959)

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Relaxation Day
Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

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