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What's one way to grab the attention of a company? Stop buying. And speaking of boycotting, if you’re wondering what companies are still sponsoring Rush Limbaugh, below is a list of 25 Limbaugh loyalists who have continued to advertise long after his contemptuous and repulsive attacks against, then unknown, Sandra Fluke. The Fluke incident is only part of the reason for the numerous nationwide boycotts and petitions against Limbaugh and his sponsors. Feel free to share/tweet the names on this list, while making a mental note regarding where you might or might not be shopping/buying in the future...

(From StopRush.net. Subject to daily updates and changes)

Quicken Loans
Lear Capitol
Genesis Diamonds
Income At Home
Freedom Works
Tax Resolution Services
Total Transformation
Ageless Male (no way, really?)
Heritage Foundation

*Angie's List has been a strong Limbaugh sponsor/supporter this past year, and stuck with him, even after the Fluke attacks. The only reason they are not included in the above list, is because their Limbaugh ads have not been heard in over a month.

Consumer boycott groups are hitting Limbaugh, Clear Channel, and his sponsors - hard. Angie's List, a longtime Limbaugh advertiser, personally endorsed by Rush daily, has not been heard since October. Companies are dropping out faster than ever. Over a thousand companies have left since March, many who were not fully unaware of Limbaugh’s hate-filled commentary, and some not even aware their ads were being played on Limbaugh's show, until they were contacted by consumers.

Here is a ThinkProgress youtube compilation, a sort of 'Limbaugh Sex Tape', that makes clear why so many Americans want to see him off public radio...

Making contact with sponsors and letting them know your concerns, makes the biggest initial impact. You can get contact info, tips and support, by joining groups like Flush Rush: https://www.facebook.com/...

Or use the StopRush.net database, which contains an extensive list of active sponsors, and is updated daily by thousands of volunteers throughout the country. http://stoprush.net/..._

You can also sign this Change.org petition and have your signature go out to 40 sponsors at a time. If you feel uncomfortable about having your name appear on a petition, you can still sign, and request your signature not be published.

Consumers often forget the power they have - to create change. Companies, to their own detriment, often forget that as well.

Thank you, Richard Myers. We're Finishing The Work. Rest In Peace

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Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 12:48 AM PST.

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